Fanny et Alexandre

Théâtre du Loup.

Fanny et Alexandre
Fanny et Alexandre

Théâtre du Loup.

Théâtre du Loup

About the production

The first Swiss staging of Fanny and Alexander, directed by Camille Giacobino. Only 10 actors were used to play all roles in this slimmed-down performance which ran for a month.



  • Ingmar Bergman, Author
  • Camille Giacobino, Director
  • Pietro Musillo, Designer
  • Jean-Michel Carrat, Lightning
  • Arnaud Buchs, Make-up man
  • Bruno Burel, Music
  • Jocelyn Raphanel, Music
  • Eleonore Cassaigneau, Costume design
  • Samantha Landragin, Costume design
  • Christine-Laure Hirsig, Assistant director
  • Laurent Annoni
  • Alexandra Camposampiero
  • Nathalie Cuenet
  • Marie Druc
  • Sandrine Girard
  • Attilio Sandro Palese
  • Maria Pérez
  • Frédéric Polier
  • Valentin Rossier
  • Michel Ruotolo