Through A Glass Darkly

Elegant men en smula andefattig tyckte kritikerna.

Through A Glass Darkly

Elegant men en smula andefattig tyckte kritikerna.

The Corn Exchange
In the Corn Exchange Theatre Company’s production, the film’s lingering closeups are exchanged for a bare stage and a dappled grey backdrop, creating a sense of open space and endless sky. It could be Sweden – or Ireland; this is less a specific place or time than a state of mind.
- The Irish Times

Om uppsättningen

En sval kritikerkår imponerades av scenografin och skådespelarna i en annars ganska oengagerande uppsättning. 

The Guardian: 

Bergman’s film emphasised Karin’s religious quest, culminating in her extraordinary vision of God. Here, she seems to be the victim of dysfunctional family dynamics, which don’t have the same metaphysical weight. While the stage imagery, performances and atmosphere of this production are beautifully realised, the writing does not match the sense of significance they evoke.

The Irish Times: 

Against a glacial progression, the expanse of the stage can feel like a permanent long shot. The more arresting moments come with Karin’s explorations, most striking against the otherworldly glow of Sinéad Wallace’s lights as Cooke approaches the border between realities, slipping between them. This may be Karin’s abyss, but just as the sliding frames of Bacon’s set offer shifting perspectives, Ryan allows us more than one view. Is this her final disintegration, or her emancipation?

The Irish Examiner:

This stage adaptation, written by Jenny Worton and produced by Corn Exchange, remains far too faithful to the tone of the original, resulting in a piece that, while bracing, feels weirdly dated and far too cerebral.  /..../

Sarah Bacon’s abstract set design is provocative. Its muted greys and whites suggest the hazy bliss of idyllic retreat and yet also the searing ‘grey matter’ of Karin’s interior decline.

Nevertheless, the set may be one reason why the production struggles to make Karin’s collapse as engaging as it could be. A set with a more rugged ‘realist’ quality would perhaps better emphasise the world from which Karin is alienated.


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Bilder / videor


  • Ingmar Bergman, Text
  • Jenny Worton, Bearbetning
  • Annie Ryan, Regi
  • Sarah Bacon, Kostym och scenografi
  • Denis Clohessy, Musik och ljuddesign
  • Sinéad Wallace, Ljussättning
  • Beth Cooke, Karin
  • Colin Campbell, Minus
  • Peter Gowen, David
  • Peter Gaynor, Martin