Sceny z życia małżeńskiego

Piotr Grabowski, Justin Sieńczyłło. © Rafał Latoszek
Sceny z życia małżeńskiego
Kamienica teatr
"I think the plot is a pretext to talk about much more important things. It's a play about the collapse of the modern world."
Barbara Sass

About the production

One reviewer felt the production filled a gap in the Warsaw theatre market, and thought director Sass' staging to be "flawless". Another critic said that even though Bergman is not a piece of cake, even for such an experienced artist, Sass' direction was "outstanding".

Wacław Krupiński at the Dziennik Polski felt Grabowski and Sieńczyłło so convincing that he forgot Liv Ullmann's "wonderful eyelashes".


  • Tomasz Mościcki,
  • Anna Czajkowska,
  • Wacław Krupiński, Dziennik Polski



  • Ingmar Bergman, Text
  • Barbara Sass, Director
  • Michal Lorenc, Music
  • Wojciech Stefaniak, Set design
  • Eve Krauze, Costume
  • Wieslaw Zdort, Light
  • Justin Sieńczyłło, Marianne
  • Piotr Grabowski, Johan

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