Skrivet 21 Apr 2017

Swedish government to support Bergman 100-Year Jubilee

Ingmar Bergman, filmmaker, theatre director and author, is one of Sweden’s all-time leading creative forces. Born in Uppsala, Sweden, on 14 July 1918, Bergman will be celebrated the world over on the 100-year anniversary of his birth, with festivities beginning this autumn and continuing throughout 2018.

Yesterday the Swedish government publicly announced that the Ingmar Bergman Foundation, established in 2002 by Ingmar Bergman himself, will receive funding to co-ordinate and communicate the 100-Year Jubilee.

Alice Bah Kunke, the Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy, issued a press release stating, ‘Ingmar Bergman’s legacy constitutes an equally unique and wonderful part of our Swedish cultural heritage. The government will most certainly be increasingly involved throughout the Bergman jubilee celebrations.’

‘Through their contribution, the Swedish government demonstrates that the Bergman 100-Year Jubilee is a national affair, something for all. Which is precisely what it shall be,’ stated Jan Holmberg, CEO of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation.

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