Theatre, 1945

Kriss-Krass-Filibom: New Year's Cabaret

After the previous year's efforts with Macbeth, Bergman surprised his Helsingborg audience with a light-hearted New Year's Cabaret.
'That Bergman! He has a propensity to shock.'
Tom (Åke Thomson)

About the production

This New Year's cabaret, Kriss-Krass-Filibom, was opened by a figure named The Occult, after which point the stage was taken over by the Paprika Theatre Company. The Occult resumed momentary control until Romeo and Juliet intervened. Sketches, dancing and musical numbers followed.

Bergman was one of three scriptwriters writing under the pseudonyms Scaplin, Pimpel and Kasper (Punch), hiding behind the latter. 


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