Theatre, 1946


Bergman's ninth production at Helsingborg City Theatre also became his last in Helsingborg.  
'If Ingmar Bergman wished to pass some sort of director's exam upon leaving Helsingborg, he has succeeded.'
Herbert Grevenius, Stockholms-Tidningen

About the production

This staged play had recently been written by Björn-Erik Höijer, and as with Rabies it was also released as a radio play.

In the programme note Bergman wrote Farewell Interview, the first of many faked interviews he staged with himself throughout the years. The subject matter deals with an ironic yet cheery farewell to Helsingborg. 

Bergman left Helsingborg in March 1946 and immediately thereafter shot the film It Rains on Our Love. In the autumn he began his next theatre contract at Gothenburg City Theatre.

The radio theatre's production was unfortunately not saved.


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