Theatre, 1941

The Tinder Box

Bergman modernised Hans Christian Andersen's tale, using contemporary slang and changing Danish references in the text to places in the Stockholm area. He also removed all the scary elements in the story.
'This production has, frankly, managed to successfully remove not only the three frightening dogs, but also various other parts of the story. Now even the most fearful of children can safely see this play.'
Eva von Zweigbergk, Dagens Nyheter

About the production

Pauline Brunius, the then head of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, attended the premiere. Bergman introduced the play, requesting his audience to witness the production through a child's eyes. 

Bergman's new theatre project received positive publicity but there were some objections to the production itself for changing Andersen's original tale, tampering with a classic and universal text.


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