18 Oct 2011

Bergman in the Museum?

This presentation is in part a report by Thomas Elsaesser on his experience as the first Ingmar Bergman Professor, given as a lecutre at a Bergman symposium in Stockholm 2009.

Bergman in the Museum?

"What would it mean, for instance, to have Bergman restrict himself to one tonality, one face, one gesture - the way, say, Jasper Johns in the late 1950s painted only in shades of grey - but to do so, ad infinitum? Ten minutes of Liv Ullmann's face, for example, from all the films she made with Bergman, or Max von Sydow, looking straight at the camera, from film to film, with minimal variation, but becoming ever more intense."

The URLs of the Bergman compilations that Thomas Elsasser put together in connection with the project: