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Kohtauksia eräästä avioliitosta
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"Strong Text, strong actors. All unnecessary is left out, on stage is just a man and wife."
Olli Seppälä, Kotimaa

About the production

The production, and not least the performance of Aho and Larivaara, was praised by the critics. The Helsingin Sanomat began their review with a sigh:

Oh, it feels refreshing for a change to see a play which rely on theatre basics. Firmly restricted to a timeless topic, a clear conflict, a good text. Simplistic control, two strong actors almost bare, stripped-down stage. That's it.



  • .Suna Vuori, Helsingin Sanomat 21 September, 2013.
  • Olli Seppälä, Kotimaa 10 October, 2013.



  • Ingmar Bergman, Text
  • Pasi Lampela, Director
  • Markus Tsokkinen, Set design and costume
  • Teppo Saarinen, Light
  • Ari-Pekka Saarikko, Sound
  • Aino Hyttinen, Mask

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