100 years

The Ingmar Bergman centennial 2018 has been an outstanding year. Ingmar Bergman’s masterful work has been celebrated in nearly 100 countries on all the world’s continents. Thousands of film screenings, theatrical plays, dance performances, book publications, exhibitions, conferences, lectures and much more were organized, with a magnitude and enthusiasm exceeding all expectations. We are proud and amazed to conclude that the Bergman jubilee is the world’s biggest ever over a single film maker. Here we present a list and a jubilee map summarising the events of 2018.

  • Art project Através dos Olhos Angolanos (‘Through Angolan Eyes’) granted a space for young local artists in Luanda to interpret Bergman’s work.

  • Ricardo Darín and Erica Rivas in the successful Argentinian staging of Scenes from a Marriage, on tour throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

  • Centenary of his birth or not, Bergman never leaves the stages. Great directors have made productions inspired by his plays or his scripts.

    Le Figaro on Bergman as playwright, 09.05.18.
  • Copenhagen-based Royal Danish Theatre’s staging of Scenes from a Marriage, on tour in Sydney.

  • 58

    Stage performances of Bergman works.

  • Retrospective in Podgorica, Montenegro.

  • Exhibition on Bergman’s influence on contemporary visual arts, Yekaterinburg.

  • 5000

    Screenings of Bergman films in movie theatres.

  • The Rite at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm.

  • Ivo van Hove’s adaptation of Persona for the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam.

  • Bergman dreams of becoming a taxi driver. Argentinian series by Claudio Spósito.

  • Seminar in Shanghai.

  • ‘A Definitive Film Season’. Retrospective at BFI, London.

  • 40

    Books written by, and about, Bergman released by publishing house Norstedts.

  • Short film project Bergman Revisited, Sweden.

  • Tour stop in Shanghai for one of many Bergman exhibitions.

  • Bergman in Argentina – book anthology from 2018 on Bergman’s influence on Argentinian film and culture.

  • Casa Castagnino Museum, Mar de la Plata, Argentina.

  • A long wait to attend the discussion between Liv Ullmann and Margarethe von Trotta. Babylon Kino, Berlin.

  • Craft workshop accompanying the Bergman exhibition at Uppland Museum, Uppsala. Artist: Amanda Bergman (of no relation).

  • Open-air screening of The Seventh Seal at Piazza Maggiore, Bologna.

  • Popular show at Film Forum, New York.

  • Top rating for an old film.

  • It is stark, spare, endlessly questioning and self- questioning, a movie whose enigmas and challenges multiply, like the heads of Hydra.

    The Guardian on the re-release of Persona

84 countries

798 events

Venue Title Type City Country
Academy Film Archive Screenings Los Angeles, CA USA
Access Cinema Screenings Dublin Ireland
AFI Silver Springs Major retrospective Washington, DC USA
Akademibokhandeln Mäster Samuelsgatan Talk Stockholm Sweden
Akademibokhandeln Uppsala Talk Uppsala Sweden
Akademiska sjukhuset ‘Bergman and psychology’ Lecture Uppsala Sweden
Alamo Drafthouse Denton Screenings Denton, TX USA
Aleksandrinsky Theatre Exhibition, lecture, screening St. Petersburg Russia
Alexander Verlag Book release Laterna magica Berlin Germany
Alfabeta publishing Book release Alla talar om Bergman Stockholm Sweden
Aliasteatern Bergman’s Seven Journeys Stage performance Stockholm Sweden
Alléteatern A Scene, a Marriage: The Seventh Transaction Stage performance Kungsbacka Sweden
Alliance Française / Acacia Mall Exhibition, screenings Kampala Uganda
Almedalsbiblioteket Talk Visby Sweden
Ambassade de Suède Screenings Alger Algiers
Ambler Theatre Screenings Ambler, PA USA
American Cinematheque Major retrospective Los Angeles, CA USA
Amherst Cinema Screenings Amherst, MA USA
Andora Screenings, talks Athens Greece
Ängslättsskolan Malmö ’Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Malmö Sweden
Animation i Varberg ’Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Varberg Sweden
Anthéa Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Antibes France
Arboga stadsbibliotek ’Bergman beyond cinema’ Lecture/performance Arboga Sweden
Arena Film Queer Bergman Cinemaoke Visby Sweden
Arenan Screenings Karlstad Sweden
Arenan Bibliotekshuset Exhibition Karlstad Sweden
Art-kino Screenings Rijeka Croatia
Art Belarus / Palace of Arts Exhibition, lectures Minsk Belarus
The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca Exhibition Cluj-Napoca Romania
The Art Theater Screenings Champaign, IL USA
Arte Persona, le film qui a sauvé Ingmar Bergman Broadcast France
Arthouse Cinema Niagara Screenings Tampere Finland
Arthouse Momo Exhibition, screenings Seoul South Korea
Arts Centre Warwick Screenings Warwick UK
Arts Centre Stamford Screenings Stamford UK
Arts Picturehouse Screenings Cambridge UK
Arvika stadsbibliotek Bergman beyond cinema Lecture/performance Arvika Sweden
Athens International Film Festival Screenings Athens Greece
Austin Film Society Retrospective Austin, TX USA
Australian Centre for the Moving Image Screenings Melbourne Australia
Autan Screenings Ramonville France
AV Media Skåne ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Skåne Sweden
AV Media Kalmar ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Kalmar Sweden
Avrora Cinema Screenings St. Petersburg Russia
Babylon Kino Major retrospective Berlin Germany
Badisches Staatstheater Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Karlsruhe Germany
Barn Cinema Screening Dartington UK
Basílica Menor de San Francisco Concert San Cristóbal de La Habana Cuba
Beijing International Film Festival Screening Beijing China
The Belcourt Theatre Retrospective Nashville, TN USA
Bergamo Film Meeting Screenings Bergamo Italy
Bergmancenter Exhibition, symposium, workshop Fårö Sweden
The Bergman Week Talks, screenings, lectures, performances Fårö Sweden
Bergnässkolan ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Avesta Sweden
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive Major retrospective Berkeley, CA USA
Berwaldhallen / Östersjöfestivalen Autumn Sonata (opera by Sebastian Fagerlund) Concert Stockholm Sweden
Beykoz Screenings Istanbul Turkey
BFI London Film Festival Screening London UK
BFI Southbank Major retrospective, exhibition, talks London UK
Bi Rex Verkatehdas Screenings Hämeenlinna Finland
Biffen Screenings Aalborg Denmark
Bio Borgen Exhibition, screenings Osby Sweden
Bio Kontrast Screenings Vingåker Sweden
Bio Paradis Screenings Reykjavik Iceland
Bio Rex Screenings Kajaani Finland
Bio Sydväst Screenings Pargas Finland
Biograf Fokus Screenings Jönköping Sweden
Biograf Kannusali Screenings Espoo Finland
Biografen Sture Screenings Stockholm Sweden
Biografen Zita Screenings Stockholm Sweden
Biografteatern Scala Screenings Ystad Sweden
The Bioscope Screenings Johannesburg South Africa
Biostaden Kalmar Screenings Kalmar Sweden
Biostaden Karlskrona Screenings Karlskrona Sweden
Biostaden Nyköping Screenings Nyköping Sweden
Biostaden Borgen Screenings Visby Sweden
Bis Records Ingmar Bergman: Music from the films CD release Stockholm Sweden
Bjäre boat tours Guided boat tour of film locations Bjäre Sweden
Black Nights Film Festival Screenings Tallinn Estonia
Bogotá International Film Festival Screenings Bogotá Colombia
Bokbussen Exhibition Ljungby kommun Sweden
Bok & Bibliotek Talks, book release, chess tournament Gothenburg Sweden
Borås stadsteater Anna Pettersson, touring Bergman stand-up Borås Sweden
Brattle Theatre Retrospective Cambridge, MA USA
Broadway Screenings Nottingham UK
Broadway Cinematheque Exhibition, screenings Hongkong Hongkong
Brooklyn Academy of Music Screenings New York City, NY USA
Bryn Mawr Film Institute Screenings Bryn Mawr, PA USA
BUFF ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Screenings, talk, workshop for children Malmö Sweden
Busan Cinema Center Exhibition, screenings Busan Korea
Bygdegården / The Bergman Week The Seventh Seal (opera by João MacDowell, concert version) Fårö Sweden
Café des images Screenings Hérouville France
Calidris publishing Ingmar Bergman – en sista föreställning Book release Stockholm Sweden
California Film Institute Screenings San Rafael, CA USA
Cameo Screenings Edinburgh UK
Cameo Commanderie Screenings Nancy France
Cap d'Agde Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Cap d'Agde France
Capitol Screenings Stockholm Sweden
The Cary Theater Screenings Cary, NC USA
Casa del Cinema Exhibition, talks Rome Italy
CCA Cinematheque Screenings Santa Fe, NM USA
Centre Culturel Screenings Enghien-les-Bains France
Centre d’Animation de Beaulieu Cie Tête à Corps, touring A Spiritual Matter Stage performance Poitiers France
Centre de Congrès des Atlantes Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Les Sables-d'Olonne France
Centro Cultural Universitario Symposium Mexico City Mexico
Centro Pecci Screenings Parto Italy
Century Cinemax Exhibition, screenings Kampala Uganda
CGR Albi Screenings Albi France
CGR Colisée Screenings Carcassonne France
CGR Dole Screenings Dole France
CGR Montauban Screenings Montauban France
Le Champo Retrospective Paris France
Chapter Screenings Cardiff UK
The Charles Screenings Baltimore, MD USA
Cine Chaplin Screenings, exhibitions, lectures San Cristóbal de La Habana Cuba
Ciné 104 Screenings Pantin France
Cine Lumière Screenings London UK
Ciné Roc Screenings Terrasson France
Cineclub Screenings Halmstad Sweden
Cineclub Agorà Screenings Pontedera Italy
CineLibre Film Festival Screenings Sofia Bulgaria
Cinema Screenings Shenyang China
Cinema Screenings Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
Cinema Ariston Screenings Trieste Italy
Cinema Arsenale Screenings Pisa Italy
Cinema Astor Screenings Athens Greece
Cinema Astra Parma Screenings Parma Italy
Cinema Astra Lucca Screenings Lucca Italy
Cinema Astra Trento Screenings Trento Italy
Cinema Astri Apollo Screenings Tallinn Estonia
Cinema Auditorium Screenings Bergamo Italy
Cinema auditorium Zotti Screenings San Vito al Tagliamento Italy
Cinema Azzurro Screenings Acona Italy
Cinema Boldini Screenings Ferrara Italy
Cinema Borsalino Screenings Camaiore Italy
Cinema Capitol Screenings Bolzano Italy
Cinema Centrale Screenings Viareggio Italy
Cinema City Screenings Norwich UK
Cinema Clarici Screenings Foligno Italy
Cinema Concordia Screenings Borgo Maggiore San Marino
Cinema Conti Screenings Civitanova Marche Italy
Cinema d’Essai Screenings Lecce Italy
Cinema Dante Screenings Mestre Italy
Cinema De Seta Screenings Palermo Italy
Cinema Eden Arezzo Screenings Arezzo Italy
Cinema Eden Brescia Screenings Brescia Italy
Cinema Edera Screenings Treviso Italy
Cinema Esperia Screenings Bastia Umbra Italy
Cinema Europa Screenings Zagreb Croatia
Cinema Filarmonica Screenings Ambra Italy
Cinema Filo Screenings Cremona Italy
Cinema Garibaldi Screenings Poggibonsi Italy
Cinema Garzia Screenings Terlizzi Italy
Cinema Giorgione Screenings Venice Italy
Cinema Gwangju Exhibition Gwangju South Korea
Cinema Gloria Screenings Como Italy
Cinema Greenwich Screenings Cagliari Italy
Cinema Italia Screenings Macerata Italy
Cinema Italia Screenings Tolentino Italy
Cinema Jolly Screenings Piacenza Italy
Cinema Kappadue Screenings Verona Italy
Cinema King Screenings Catania Italy
Cinema Kinoteka Exhibition, screenings Zagreb Croatia
Cinéma L'Écran Screenings Saint-Denis France
Cinéma Le Bretagne Screenings Guichen France
Cinema KLAP / Academy of Performing Arts Screenings Bratislava Slovakia
Cinema Lumière Screenings Bologna Italy
Cinéma Lux Major retrospective Caen France
Cinema Margherita Screenings Cupra Marittima Italy
Cinema Mariani Screenings Ravenna Italy
Cinema Massimo Screenings Torino Italy
Cinema Mexico Screenings Milano Italy
Cinema Mignon Screenings Chiavari Italy
Cinema Mignon d’Essai Screenings Mantova Italy
Cinema Modernissimo Screenings Napoli Italy
Cinema MPX Screenings Padova Italy
Cinema Nuovo Screenings La Spezia Italy
Cinema Nouvo Screenings Varese Italy
Cinema Nuovo Sacher Screenings Rome Italy
Cinema Nuova Luce Screenings Urbino Italy
Cinema Nuovo Pendola Screenings Siena Italy
Cinema Odeon Vigevano Screenings Vigevano Italy
Cinema Odeon Firenze Screenings Florence Italy
Cinema Odeon Vicenza Screenings Vicenza Italy
Cinema Opera Screenings Barletta Italy
Cinema Palestrina Screenings Milano Italy
Cinema Pasubio Screenings Schio Italy
Cinema Politeama Screenings Terni Italy
Cinema Postmodernissimo Screenings Perugia Italy
Cinema Ricciardi Screenings Capua Italy
Il Cinema Ritrovato Screenings, talks Bologna Italy
Cinema Roma Screenings Pistoia Italy
Cinema Rondinella Screenings Sesto San Giovanni Italy
Cinema Rosebud Screenings Reggio Emilia Italy
Cinema Rouge et Noir Screenings Palermo Italy
Cinema Saffi Screenings Forli Italy
Cinema Sala Pegasus Screenings Spoleto Italy
Cinema Sarti Screenings Faenza Italy
Cinema Settebello Screenings Rimini Italy
Cinema Sivori Screenings Genova Italy
Cinema Splendor Screenings Bari Italy
Cinema Stensen Screenings Florence Italy
Cinema Truffaut Screenings Modena Italy
Cinema Tuskanac Exhibition, screenings Zagreb Croatia
Cinema Verdi Forlimpopoli Screenings Forlimpopoli Italy
Cinema Verdi Candelo Screenings Candelo Italy
Cinema Visionario Screenings Udine Italy
Cinemania Fest Screenings Sofia Bulgaria
Cinemas Astor Screenings, talks Athens Greece
Cinemas du Grütli Major retrospective Geneva Switzerland
Cinemas Procinal Screenings Medellín Colombia
Cinemateca de Cuba Screenings Havana Cuba
Cinemateca Distrital Screenings Bogotá Colombia
Cinemateca Nacional Screenings Quito Ecuador
Cinemateca Uruguay Screenings Montevideo Uruguay
Cinemateket Bergen Screenings Bergen Norway
Cinemateket Kristiansand Screenings Kristiansand Norway
Cinemateket Lillehammer Screenings Lillehammer Norway
Cinemateket NFI Major retrospective Oslo Norway
Cinemateket Stavanger Screenings Stavanger Norway
Cinemateket Trondheim Major retrospective Trondheim Norway
The Cinematheque Major retrospective Vancouver Canada
Cinemathèque d’Alger Exhibition Alger Algiers
Cinémathèque Française Major retrospective Paris France
Cinémathèque Québécoise Retrospective Montreal Canada
La Cinémathèque royale de Belgique Screenings Brussels Belgium
Cinémathèque Suisse Retrospective Lausanne Switzerland
Cinémathèque Tunisienne Screenings Tunis Tunisia
Cinemazero Screenings Pordenone Italy
CineSesc Screenings São Paulo Brazil
Cinestudio Retrospective Hartford, CT USA
Cinétampes Screenings Etampes France
Cineteca di Bologna Retrospective Bologna Italy
Cineteca Nacional Retrospective Mexico City Mexico
Cineteca Nacional de Chile Screenings Santiago Chile
Cineteca Nazionale Major retrospective Rome Italy
Cineteca Rosalío Solano Screenings Santiago de Querétaro Mexico
City Screen Screenings York UK
Clair Obscur Screenings Rennes France
Clapham Picturehouse Screenings London UK
Cleveland Cinematheque Retrospective Cleveland, OH USA
Close-Up Film Centre Retrospective London UK
Cluj Christmas Fair Open-Air Cinema Screenings Bucharest Romania
Cnema ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Lecture, screenings, workshop for children Norrköping Sweden
Consulate General Screenings St. Petersburg Russia
Convention Center Screenings Motala Sweden
Contemporary Arts Screenings Dundee UK
Coolidge Corner Screenings Brookline, MA USA
Corporación Cinefilia Screenings Medellín Colombia
County Theatre Screenings Doylestown, PA USA
La Coupole Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Saint-Louis France
Court c’est Court Screenings Cabrières d'Avignon France
CREA A Spiritual Matter Stage performance Saint-Georges-de-Didonne France
Crouch End Picturehouse Screenings London UK
Culturum Talks Nyköping Sweden
Cuvilliés Theater The Serpent’s Egg Stage performance Munich Germany
DaGuan Theatre Shanghai / Shanghai International Arts Festival Wood Painting Stage performance Shanghai China
Dalateatern Bergman stand-up Falun Sweden
Detroit Institute of Arts Screenings Detroit, MI USA
Deutsche Kinemathek Screenings Berlin Germany
Deutsches Filminstitut Retrospective Frankfurt am Main Germany
Det Danske Filminstitut Major Retrospective, exhibition Copenhagen Denmark
Dieselverkstaden / Afghansk Filmfestival Screenings Stockholm Sweden
Dockteatern Tittut Lecture Stockholm Sweden
Doha Film Institute Screenings Doha Qatar
DokuFest Screenings Prizen Kosovo
Dom na kinoto Screenings Sofia Bulgaria
Dramaten Fanny och Alexander Stage performance Stockholm Sweden
Dramaten The Ingmar Bergman International Theatre Festival Book circles, concerts, exhibition, stage performances, talks, tours Stockholm Sweden
Dramaten Riten Stage performance Stockholm Sweden
Dramatörerna Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Växjö Sweden
3Sat Ingmar Bergman – Herr der Dämonen Broadcast Germany
Drottningholms slottsteater ‘Bergman and The Magic Flute’ Lecture Stockholm Sweden
Duke of York’s Screenings Brighton UK
The Dukes Screenings Lancaster UK
Dunkers kulturhus Såsom i en Helsingborgspegel Book release Helsingborg Sweden
Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus After the Rehearsal Stage performance Düsseldorf Germany
E-Werk Kulturzentrum Exhibition Erlangen Germany
East Dulwich Picturehouse Screenings London UK
Eden Court Screenings Inverness UK
Eesti Ramat Book release, Perekonnatriloogia Tallinn Estonia
Ekholmens bibliotek Exhibition Linköping Sweden
ELA Art Gallery Exhibitions, talks, screenings Luanda Angola
Eldorado Screenings Dijon France
Electric Pictures Screenings Wotton-under-Edge UK
Electric Pictures Screenings Birmingham UK
Elektra Screenings Västerås Sweden
Embassy of Sweden, London Inauguration Bergman 100 London Great Britain
Embassy of Sweden, Pretoria Screenings Pretoria South Africa
Ermitage Screenings Fontainebleau France
Eslövs Kulturskola ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Eslöv Sweden
Espace Carpeaux Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Courbevoie France
Espace Michel-Simon Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Noisy-le-Grand France
Espoo Ciné International Film Festival Screenings Espoo Finland
Esquire Theatre Screenings Cincinnati, OH USA
Észak: Skandinavisztikai folyóirat Release, special Bergman issue Budapest Hungary
Europaschule Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Herzogenrath Germany
Europe on Screen Screenings Jakarta Indonesia
European Film Festival Screenings Bangkok Thailand
Expo 2018 Screenings Astana Kazakhstan
EYE Filmmuseum Screenings Amsterdam The Netherlands
La Fábrica de Arte Cubano Concert, screenings, exhibitions, perfomances San Cristóbal de La Habana Cuba
Fact Screenings Liverpool UK
Falu stadsbibliotek Talk Falun Sweden
Falu stadsbibliotek ’Bergman beyond cinema’ Lecture/performance Falun Sweden
Festival Baltic Pearl Screenings Riga Latvia
Festival de Cannes Screenings Cannes France
Festival de Cine de Lima PUCP Screenings Lima Peru
Festival de Cine Europeo de Lima Screenings Lima Peru
Festival Hviezdne noci Bytča Screenings Bytca Slovakia
El Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón Screening Gijón Spain
Festival Internacional De Cine De Cali Screenings Lima Colombia
Festival International du Film de La Rochelle Major retrospective La Rochelle France
Films by the Sea Exhibition, retrospective Vlissingen The Netherlands
Film Critic Film Festival Exhibition, screenings Kiev Ukraine
Film Estação Net Botafogo Screenings Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Film Forum Major retrospective New York City, NY USA
Film Library Screenings Quito Ecuador
Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul Retrospective Minneapolis, MN USA
Film Theatre Screenings Stoke-on-Trent UK
Film Haus Nürnberg Retrospective Nürnberg Germany
Film museum Düsseldorf / Black Box Screenings Düsseldorf Germany
Film museum im München Stadtmuseum Screenings Munich Germany
Filmhouse Screenings Edinburgh UK
Filmhuset Major retrospective, lectures, talks, exhibition Stockholm Sweden
Filmis Exhibition Uddevalla Sweden
La Filmoteca Major retrospective Valencia Spain
Filmhuis Den Haag Screenings The Hague The Netherlands
Filmoteca de Catalunya Major retrospective Barcelona Spain
Filmoteca Española Major retrospective Madrid Spain
Filmoteca Zaragoza Retrospective Zaragoza Spain
Filmoteka Śląska Screenings Katowice Poland
Filmpodium Retrospective Zürich Switzerland
Filmstaden Bergakungen Screenings Gothenburg Sweden
Filmstaden Gävle Screenings Gävle Sweden
Filmstaden Helsingborg Screenings Helsingborg Sweden
Filmstaden Jönköping Screenings Jönköping Sweden
Filmstaden Karlstad Screenings Karlstad Sweden
Filmstaden Linköping Screenings Linköping Sweden
Filmstaden Luleå Screenings Luleå Sweden
Filmstaden Lund Screenings Lund Sweden
Filmstaden Norrköping Screenings Norrköping Sweden
Filmstaden Örebro Screenings Örebro Sweden
Filmstaden Råsunda Major retrospective, exhibition, tours, talks Stockholm Sweden
Filmstaden Söder Screenings Stockholm Sweden
Filmstaden Storgatan Screenings Malmö Sweden
Filmstaden Sundsvall Screenings Sundsvall Sweden
Filmstaden Umeå Screenings Umeå Sweden
Filmstaden Västerås Screenings Västerås Sweden
Filmstaden Växjö Screenings Växjö Sweden
Filmstudio Screenings Savona Italy
Filmtheatre Kriterion Screenings Amsterdam The Netherlands
Folkbio Screenings Katthammarsvik Sweden
Folkets Bio Screenings Umeå Sweden
Folkets Hus Åfors Screenings Åfors Sweden
Folkets Hus Kallhäll Lecture Kallhäll Sweden
Fondazione Prada Screenings Milan Italy
Forteca International Film Festival Perast Lecture, screenings Perast Montenegro
Forum Screenings Hexham UK
Forumgallerian Screenings Uppsala Sweden
E-Werk Kino Screenings Erlangen Germany
Fyrisbiografen Screenings Uppsala Sweden
Gallia Théâtre A Spiritual Matter Stage performance Saintes France
Gamla Riksarkivet Book release, Ingmar Bergmans skrifter Stockholm Sweden
Gate Screenings Cork Ireland
Gävle konstcentrum Art exhibition, talks Gävle Sweden
Gene Siskel Film Center Major retrospective Chicago, IL USA
Gijón International Film Festival Exhibition Gijón Spain
Glasgow Film Theatre Screenings Glasgow UK
Goethe Zentrum Exhibition, screenings Kampala Uganda
Goethe Haus Exhibition Jakarta Indonesia
Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival Screenings Yerevan Armenia
Golden Screen Cinema Screenings Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Göta Screenings Gothenburg Sweden
Göteborg Konserthus Concert Gothenburg Sweden
Göteborg Stadsbibliotek ’Bergman beyond cinema’ Lecture/performance Gothenburg Sweden
Göteborg Stadsbibliotek Talk Gothenburg Sweden
Göteborgs Stadsteater Fanny och Alexander Stage performance Gothenburg Sweden
Gothenburg International Film Festival Screenings, talks Gothenburg Sweden
Gotlands museum Art exhibition Visby Sweden
El Gouna Film Festival Exhibition, screenings El Gouna Egypt
Grand Hôtel Lecture Stockholm Sweden
La Grande Scène du Chesnay, Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Le Chesnay France
Greek Film Archive Screenings Athens Greece
Greenbelt Cinema Screenings Makati City Philippines
Greenwich Picturehouse Screenings London UK
Grenzlandtheater Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Aachen Germany
Gripsholm Concert, talk Mariefred Sweden
Guanajuato International Film Festival Screenings Guanajuato City Mexico
Gustavsbergs bibliotek Exhibition Värmdö Sweden
Gyllenboverket Screenings Östra Vemmerlöv Sweden
Habitat International Film Festival Screenings New Delhi India
Hackney Picturehouse Screenings London UK
Hagabion Major retrospective, exhibition Gothenburg Sweden
Haifa Cinematheque Major retrospective Haifa Israel
Hallwylska museet ‘Bergman’s costumes’ Exhibition, lectures, talks Stockholm Sweden
Hämeenlinnan Teatteri Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Hämeenlinna Finland
Hanaholmens kulturcentrum Lectures, talks, screenings Espoo Finland
Harbour Lights Screenings Southampton UK
Harvard Film Archive Screenings Cambridge, MA USA
Haus der Stadt Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Düren Germany
Hemsegården Exhibition Hemse Sweden
Hedvig Eleonora kyrka Talks, screening, concert Stockholm Sweden
Herzliya Cinematheque Retrospective Herzliya Israel
Höglandsbiografen Screenings Bromma Sweden
Holon Cinematheque Retrospective Holon Israel
Home Screenings Manchester UK
Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Retrospective Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hong Kong Plaza Exhibition Hong Kong Hong Kong
House of Sweden Exhibitons, talks Washington, DC USA
ICA Screening London UK
IKEA MEGA Exhibition Yekaterinburg Russia
Indiana University Cinema Screenings Bloomington, IN USA
Ingmarbergman.se Bergman Anecdotes Video series Sweden
Ingmarbergman.se Bergman Monologues Video series Sweden
Inkonst/Memory Wax Andas Dance performance Malmö Sweden
Institut suédois Exhibition, talks Paris France
L’Institut Supérieur des Métiers de l’Audiovisuel et du Cinéma Lecture Rabat Morocco
International Film Festival Kinenova Screenings Skopje Macedonia
International Film Festival of India Exhibition, screenings, talks Goa India
International Film Festival of Kerala Screenings Trivandrum India
International Film Series Screenings Denver, CO USA
International House Screenings Philadelphia, PA USA
L’Institut Supérieur des Métiers de l’Audiovisuel et du Cinéma Screenings Rabat Morocco
Iso-Hannu Screenings Rauma Finland
Istanbul International Film Festival Screenings Istanbul Turkey
The Istanbul Theatre Festival Bergman Through the Choreographer’s eye Screening Istanbul Turkey
Jacob Burns Film Center Screenings Pleasantville, NY USA
Jean Eustache Screenings Pessac France
Jerusalem Cinematheque Major retrospective, exhibition Jerusalem Israel
Jio MAMI Film Festival Exhibition, screenings Mumbai India
Jönköping stadsbibliotek Exhibition Jönköping Sweden
Jugendstiltheater VADA, touring Winter Light Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Austria
JW3 (Jewish Community Centre) Screenings London UK
K. Suns Screenings Riga Latvia
KADU Lecture, talks, screenings Bratislava Slovakia
Kaffee Kleinfein Winter Light Stage performance Villach Austria
Kalmar konstmuseum Exhibition Kalmar Sweden
Kammerspiele Autumn Sonata Stage performance Berlin Germany
Kampala Film School Exhibition, screenings Kampala Uganda
Karolinska sjukhuset Huddinge ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Huddinge Sweden
Kauno kino centras Romuva Screenings Kaunas Lithuania
KAVI Major retrospective Helsinki Finland
The Kennedy Center After the Rehearsal / Persona Stage performance Washington, DC USA
KF Korea Foundation Exhibition Seoul South Korea
Kiev IFF "Molodist" Screenings Kiev Ukraine
Kijkhuis Leiden Screenings Leiden The Netherlands
Kinemathek Hamburg Major retrospective Hamburg Germany
Kinnas kulturhus Exhibition Kinna Sweden
Kino Screenings Klaipeda Lithuania
Kino Screenings Lund Sweden
Kino aljansas Screenings Vilnius Lithuania
Kino Kuvakukko Screenings Kuopio Finland
Kino Metso Screenings Jyväskylä Finland
Kino Muranow Screenings Warsaw Poland
Kino Nowe Horyzonty Screenings Wrocław Poland
Kino Pod Baranami Screenings Krakow Poland
Kino Ritz Screenings Vasa Finland
Kino Sõprus Screenings Tallinn Estonia
Kino teatras "Pasaka" Screenings Vilnius Lithuania
Kino Tuškanac Screenings Zagreb Croatia
Kinok Cinema in der Lokremise Screenings St. Gallen Switzerland
Kinoteka na Makedonija Screenings Skopje Macedonia
Klara soppteater Ingmar Bergman and Music Concert Stockholm Sweden
Klub Screenings Metz France
Klub Żak Screenings Gdansk Poland
Kolizey Screenings Yekaterinburg Russia
Kolowrat Theater Bergmanovský divadelní týden Perfomances, lectures, talks Prague Czechia
Kolkata International Film Festival Screenings Kolkata India
Det Kongelige Teater Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Copenhagen Denmark
Konserthuset Concerts, talks Stockholm Sweden
Korjaamo Culture Factory Screenings Helsinki Finland
Kulanshi Contemporary Art Center Exhibition Astana Kazakhstan
Kungliga Musikhögskolan Wood Painting Stage performance Stockholm Sweden
Kultur för barn och unga Orsa ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Orsa Sweden
Kulturhuset Screenings Svalöv Sweden
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern / Europride ‘Was Bergman Queer?’ Talk Stockholm Sweden
Kulturskolan Gotland ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Gotland Sweden
Kulturskolan Filipstad ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Filipstad Sweden
Kulturskolan Miranda ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Mora Sweden
Kulturens hus Bergman Through the Choreographer’s eye Screening Luleå Sweden
Kulturscen Bristol The Seventh Seal (opera by João MacDowell) Concert Sundbyberg Sweden
Kulturskolan Jönköping ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Jönköping Sweden
Kulturskolan i Sjöbo och Hörby ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Hörby Sweden
Kulturwknd Talks Helsingborg Sweden
Kulturzentrum Frankental Scenes from a Marriage Stage performance Stolberg Germany
Kungsholmens västra gymnasium Book release Fanny and Alexander, student edition Stockholm Sweden
Kyiv Film Critic Week Exhibition Kyiv Ukraine
LAB111 Retrospective Amsterdam The Netherlands
LACMA Screenings Los Angeles, CA USA
Lambohovs bibliotek Exhibition Linköping Sweden
Landestheater Württemberg-Hohenzollern Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Tübingen Germany
Landmark Ken Cinema Screenings San Diego, CA USA
Landmark Midtown Cinema Screenings Atlanta, GA USA
Landowski Screenings Boulogne Billancourt France
Latvijas Kultūras akadēmija Screenings Riga Latvia
Lens Exhibition, talks Beijing China
Lichtburg Screenings Essen Germany
Ligeria Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire France
Lincoln Screenings Paris France
Linköping domkyrka Lecture series Linköping Sweden
Linköpings konsthall ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Linköping Sweden
Linköping stadsbibliotek Exhibition Linköping Sweden
Linnéuniversitet Talks Växjö Sweden
Little Cinema Screenings Bath UK
Litteratur på Blå Talks Oslo Norway
Ljusdal bibliotek Exhibition Ljusdal Sweden
Logomo Screenings Turku Finland
The Loft Cinema Screenings Tucson, AZ USA
Long Meadow Prospect Park Screening Brooklyn, NY USA
Louxor Screenings Paris France
Lunds universitet Bergman 100 years Conference, concert Lund Sweden
LUX Scène nationale Screenings Valence France
Lyktan i Skogås Lecture Skogås Sweden
Magyar Nemzeti Filmarchívum Screenings Budapest Hungary
Magyar Posta Release Bergman jubilee stamp Budapest Hungary
Malmslätts bibliotek Exhibition Linköping Sweden
Malmö Kulturskola ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Malmö Sweden
Malmö stad ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Malmö Sweden
Malmö Stadsteater / Deutsches Theater Persona Stage performance Malmö Sweden
Malmö University Bergman in Skåne Cartoon competition Malmö Sweden
Maquinez Palace Exhibition Goa India
Mar del Plata International Film Festival Screenings Mar del Plata Argentina
McCarren Park Screening Williamsburg, NY USA
Meeting Point Cinema Exhibition, screenings, lecture, talks Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
Melbourne International Film Festival Screenings Melbourne Australia
Le Méliès Jean-Jaurès Screenings St. Etienne France
Metro Cinema Screenings Edmonton Canada
MFA Houston Retrospective Houston, TX USA
Michigan Theater Screenings Ann Arbor, MI USA
Midnight Sun Film Festival Screenings Sodankylä Finland
Milwauke Union Cinema Screenings Milwaukee, WI USA
Mixer Exhibition Istanbul Turkey
Moderna Museet The Seventh Seal (opera by João MacDowell) Concert Stockholm Sweden
MoMA Screenings New York City, NY USA
Mölnlycke kulturhus Exhibition Mölnlycke Sweden
Mönsterås bio Screenings Mönsterås Sweden
Montenegrin Film Archive Screenings Podgorica Montenegro
Moscow International Film Festival Major retrospective Moscow Russia
Multisala Iris Screenings Messina Italy
Mumbai Film Festival Screenings Mumbai India
Murmansk Art Museum / Barentz Bird Festival Exhibition Murmansk Russia
Museo Casa Castagnino Exhibition, talks Mar del Plata Argentina
Museo Nacional del Piñar del Rio Concert San Cristóbal de La Habana Cuba
Museu de Lamego Screenings Lamego Portugal
Museum of Contemporary Art Screenings Skopje Macedonia
Museum of Contemporary Art Screenings Krakow Poland
Myntet bio Screenings Ystad Sweden
National Center for Contemporary Art Exhibition Yekaterinburg Russia
National College of Arts Exhibition, screenings, master class Lahore Pakistan
National Film Archive of Japan Lecture, screenings Tokyo Japan
National Film and Sound Archive Screenings Canberra Australia
National Film Archive Screenings Prague Czechia
National Gallery of Art Major retrospective Washington, DC USA
National Media Museum Screenings Bradford UK
National Library Conference Oslo Norway
Nationaltheatret Private Confessions Stage performance Oslo Norway
Natur & Kultur Book release, Se Bergman Stockholm Sweden
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival Screenings Neuchâtel Switzerland
Neues theater schauspiel halle Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Halle Germany
New Holland Screening St. Petersburg Russia
New Horizons / Nowe Horyzonty Exhibition, screenings Wroclaw Poland
The Nightlight Cinema Screenings Akron, OH USA
NK Exhibition, talk Stockholm Sweden
Noordelijk Film Festival Exhibition, screenings Leeuwarden The Netherlands
Nordic House Bergman Through the Choreographer’s eye Screening Reykjavik Iceland
Nordica Libros Book release, Persona and Cuaderno de trabajo (1955–1974) Madrid Spain
Nordische Filmtage Lübeck Exhibition, screenings Lübeck Germany
nORD Lecture, talks Helsingør Denmark
Nordiska museet Lecture, performance Stockholm Sweden
Norstedts publishing Book release, Ingmar Bergmans skrifter Stockholm Sweden
Northwest Film Center Retrospective Portland, OR USA
Notting Hill Gate Picturehouse Screenings London UK
Ocho y Medio Screenings Quito Ecuador
Odeon Screenings Skövde Sweden
Odessa IFF Exhibition, screenings Odessa Ukraine
Odyssud Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Blagnac France
Okean / Pacific Meridian Film festival Exhibition, screenings Vladivostok Russia
Oklahoma City Museum of Art Screenings Oklahoma City, OK USA
The Old Vic Fanny and Alexander Stage performance London United Kingdom
Omnia Screenings Rouen France
Opéra d’Avignon Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Avignon France
Opera Garnier Dancing with Bergman Stage performance Monte Carlo Monaco
Operahuset i Oslo Dancing with Bergman Stage performance Oslo Norway
Øst for Paradis Screenings Aarhus Denmark
Östergötlands museum Concert, talk Linköping Sweden
Österreichisches Filmmuseum Major retrospective Vienna Austria
Otava Book release, Laterna magica Helsinki Finland
Palace Cinema Screenings Chengdu China
Palladium Screenings Växjö Sweden
Panora Release, ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Malmö Sweden
Panorama of European Film, Zamalek Theatre Screenings Cairo Egypt
Pantheon Cinema Screenings Nicosia Cyprus
Passarella Screenings Trevous France
Pathé Screenings Belfort France
Den pedagogiska designbyrån ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Stockholm Sweden
Pera Museum Screenings Istanbul Turkey
Petrozavodsk State University Exhibition Petrozavodsk Russia
Pheldmanbühne Winter Light Stage performance Tröpolach Austria
Phoenix Screenings Leicester UK
Phoenix Picturehouse Screenings Oxford UK
Picture House Chelmsford Screenings Chelmsford UK
Picture House Hebden Bridge Screenings Hebden Bridge UK
Picture House Exeter Screenings Exeter UK
Picture House Stratford-upon-Avon Screenings Stratford-upon-Avon UK
Picturehouse Central Screenings London UK
Le Pin Galant Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Mérignac France
Pioneer Exhibition, screenings, lectures Minsk Belarus
Plaza del Catedral Concert San Cristóbal de La Habana Cuba
Portland Museum of Art Screenings Portland, OR USA
Porto Alegre em Cena Festival A Bergman Affair Stage performance Porto Alegre Brazil
Postmuseum Release Ingmar Bergman jubilee stamps Stockholm Sweden
The Projector Screenings Singapore Singapore
PUCP University Exhibition, screenings Lima Peru
QFT Screenings Belfast UK
Quad Screenings Derby UK
Red Cross Nordic Screenings Flekke Norway
Reflet Screenings Paris France
Regal Picturehouse Screenings Henley-on-Thames UK
Regent Street Cinema Screenings London UK
Reginateatern Improvised Bergman Stage performance Uppsala Sweden
Region Värmland ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Värmland Sweden
Regionteatern Kronoberg i Växjö Through a Glass Darkly Stage performance Växjö Sweden
Regionteatern Kronoberg i Växjö Wood Painting Stage performance Växjö Sweden
Resurscentrum Film i Halland ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Halmstad Sweden
Rex Screenings Brive La Gaillarge France
Revyteatern Autumn Sonata Stage performance Ängelholm Sweden
Rex Retrospective Bern Switzerland
Reykjavík International Film Festival Screenings Reykjavik Iceland
Riga International Film Festival Screenings Riga Latvia
Röda Kvarn Borås Screenings Borås Sweden
Röda Kvarn Halmstad Screenings Halmstad Sweden
Röda Kvarn Helsingborg Screenings Helsingborg Sweden
Romateatern Smiles of a Summer Night Stage performance Roma Sweden
Royal Eskilstuna Screenings Eskilstuna Sweden
Royal Uppsala Screenings Uppsala Sweden
Row House Cinema Screenings Pittsburgh, PA USA
Roxane Screenings Versailles France
Riyadh El Feth cinema Exhibition Alger Algiers
The Russian State University for the Humanities Conference, Exhibition Moscow Russia
St. Spiritus Exhibition, screening Greifswald Germany
Saga bio Flen Screenings Flen Sweden
Saga bio Skövde Screenings Skövde Sweden
Saga bio Oskarshamn Screenings Oskarshamn Sweden
Sala degli Artisti Screenings Fermo Italy
Sala farina Screenings Foggia Italy
La sala Leopoldo Lugones del Teatro San Martín Screenings Buenos Aires Argentina
Sala Patrone Screenings Asti Italy
Scala bio Screenings Båstad Sweden
Scandinavian Film Festival Screenings Budapest Hungary
Scandinavian House Foundation Screenings Budapest Hungary
Scanorama Screenings Vilnius Lithuania
Scenkonstmuseet Major exhibition, talks, birthday celebration Stockholm Sweden
Seattle Art Museum Screenings Seattle, WA USA
Seoul Museum of History Exhibition, screenings Seoul South Korea
Shanghai International Film Festival Retrospective Shanghai China
Showroom Cinema Exhibition, screenings Sheffield UK
Silesian Film Archive Exhibition, screenings Katowice Poland
Sinema Baska Adana Screenings Adana Turkey
Sinema Baska Antakya Screenings Antakya Turkey
Sinema Baska Bodrum Screenings Bodrum Turkey
Sinema Baska Istanbul Screenings Istanbul Turkey
Sinema Baska Konya Screenings Konya Turkey
Sinema Baska Maltay Screenings Maltay Turkey
Sinema Baska Mersin Screenings Mersin Turkey
Skalvijos kino centras Screenings Vilnius Lithuania
Skebobruk Concert Skebobruk Sweden
Skene kulturhus Exhibition Skene Sweden
Slottsbiografen Screenings Uppsala Sweden
Slottsholmen Talk Malmö Sweden
Slovak National Gallery Screenings, lectures Bratislava Slovakia
Slovak National Theatre Fanny and Alexander Stage performance Bratislava Slovakia
Slovenska kinoteka Exhibition, Retrospective Ljubljana Slovenia
Sociedade Brasileira de Psicanálise do Rio de Janerio ‘Psychologists on Bergman’ Talks Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Söderhamn Library ’Bergman beyond cinema’ Lecture/performance Söderhamn Sweden
Södermanlands museum ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Nyköping Sweden
Solynka VPA Exhibition, lectures, talks Moscow Russia
The Southern Theater Animus Stage performance Minneapolis, MN USA
Speed Art Museum Retrospective Louisville, KY USA
Spegeln Screenings Malmö Sweden
Splendid Palace Bergman For Beginners Exhibitions Riga Latvia
St.Michael-Gymnasium Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Monschau Germany
Staatsschauspiel Dresden Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Dresden Germany
Stadtkino Basel Retrospective Basel Switzerland
Stadttheater St. Gallen Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance St. Gallen Switzerland
Stadthalle Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Alsdorf Germany
Star/Aveny Screenings Ludvika Sweden
State Hermitage Museum ‘Sundays with Bergman’ Lecture series St. Petersburg Russia
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center Exhibition, screenings Athens Greece
Stiftelsen Ingmar Bergman Release map collection, Bergman in Sweden Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm City tours in Bergman’s footsteps Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm stadsbibliotek ‘Ingmar Bergman, the Writer’ Talk Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm University Lecture, talks Stockholm Sweden
Städtisches Gymnasium Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Eschweiler Germany
Stjärnan Screenings Torsby Sweden
Stockholm International Film Festival Screening, talks Stockholm Sweden
Stratford East Picturehouse Screenings London UK
Strindbergs Intima Teater Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Stockholm Sweden
Strindbergs Intima Teater SIT’s Feminist Bergman Festival Stage performances, talks Stockholm Sweden
Styggforsen Talk Rättvik Sweden
Studio Screenings Oulu Finland
Studio Acusticum Bergman Through the Choreographer’s eye Screening Piteå Sweden
Subtopia After the Rehearsal / Persona Stage performance Stockholm Sweden
Summer Film School Screenings, lectures, exhibition Uherske Hradiste Czechia
Sudersandsbiografen Screenings Fårö Sweden
Svea bio Screenings Söderhamn Sweden
Svenska Turistföreningen i Uppsala Lecture Uppsala Sweden
Sveriges ambassad Screenings, exhibition Prague Czechia
Swedish Film Festival Screenings Gwangju Korea
Swedish Film Festival Screenings Incheon South Korea
Sveriges Radio Bergman om Bergman Radio series Sweden
Sveriges Radio Bergmanpodden Radio series Sweden
SVT ’Bergman – ett liv i fyra akter’ (documentary series) Broadcasts (four new documentaries and two documentary series) Sweden
Sydney Opera House Scenes from a Marriage Stage performance Sydney Australia
Tabacka Screenings Kosice Slovakia
Taipei Golden Horse Major retrospective Taipei Taiwan
Tallinn University Screenings Tallinn Estonia
Tapio Screenings Joensuu Finland
Tartu Elektriteater Screenings Tartu Estonia
Tbilisi International Film Festival Screenings Tbilisi Georgia
Teater Giljotin Autumn Sonata Stage performance, performance, exhibition Stockholm Sweden
Teater Sagohuset Ensam och Esmeralda Stage performance Lund Sweden
Teatermuseet Malmö Exhibition Malmö Sweden
Teatre Akadémia Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Barcelona Spain
Teatro a Mil Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Buenos Aires Argentina
Teatro a Mil After the Rehearsal / Persona Stage performance Santiago Chile
Teatro delle Arti Screenings Gallarate Italy
Teatro Nacional Sao Joao A meio da noite Stage performance Porto Portugal
Teatro Secs Garagem A Bergman Affair Stage performance Brasília Brazil
Teatro Secs Ginastico A Bergman Affair Stage performance Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Théâtre des Champs Elysées Dancing with Bergman Stage performance Paris France
Theater of Chelles Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Chelles France
Theater Lübeck Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Lübeck Germany
Théâtre municipal Armand Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Salon-de-Provence France
Théâtre Princesse Grace Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Monaco Monaco
Theater Koblenz Hour of the Wolf Stage performance Koblenz Germany
Théâtre le Boson Autumn Sonata Stage performance Brussels Belgium
Théâtre de la Bastille Infidèles Stage performance Paris France
Théâtre de l'Hôtel de Ville Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Le Havre France
Théâtre de la Garonne Infidèles Stage performance Toulouse France
Théâtre Monsigny Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Boulogne-sur-Mer France
Teatro Picadero Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Buenos Aires Argentine
Teatro telon Rojo After the Rehearsal Stage performance Montevideo Uruguay
Teatr Warsawy Autumn Sonata Stage performance Warsaw Poland
Tel Aviv Cinematheque Major retrospective Tel Aviv Israel
Texas Theatre Screenings Dallas, TX USA
Thanet Film Society Screenings Broadstairs UK
Theatrum Winter Light Stage performance Tallinn Estonia
Théâtre Nuithonie Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Villars-sur-Glâne France
Théâtre des Cordeliers, Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Annonay France
Théâtre de Propriano Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Propriano France
Théâtre Municipal Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Bastia France
Le Théâtre de Mont de Marsan Scenes From a Marriage Stage performance Mont de Marsan France
Thessaloniki Cinematheque Screenings Thessaloniki Greece
TIFF Cinematheque Major retrospective Toronto Canada
Time & Space Ltd Screenings Hudson, NY USA
Transilvania International Film Festival Screenings Cluj-Napoca Romania
Tromsø Internasjonale Film Festival Screenings Tromsø Norway
Träcentrum Exhibition Stockholm Sweden
Turku Cinema Club Screenings Turku Finland
Tyneside Cinema Screenings Newcastle upon Tyne UK
UCLA Film & Television Archive Screenings Los Angeles, CA USA
Ultimate Picture Palace Screenings Oxford UK
Ululu business and culture center Exhibition Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
Universidad de Sevilla Lecture Sevilla Spain
Universidad de Granada Lecture Granada Spain
University of California, Riverside Screenings Riverside, CA USA
Upplandsmuseet Exhibition Uppsala Sweden
Uppsala ‘All Light on Uppsala’ Art installation Uppsala Sweden
Uppsala City tours in Bergman’s footsteps Uppsala Sweden
Uppsala International Short Film Festival Screenings, exhibitions Uppsala Sweden
Uppsala Konsert & Kongress Concert, talks Uppsala Sweden
Uppsala konstmuseum Exhibition Uppsala Stockholm
Uppsala Stadsbibliotek Lecture, talks Uppsala Sweden
Uppsala Stadsteater The Seventh Seal Stage performance Uppsala Sweden
Urania National Film Theatre Screenings Budapest Hungary
Valetta Film Festival Screenings Gwardamanġa Malta
Västervik bokhandel Talk Västervik Sweden
Vega Scene Screenings Oslo Norway
Veo Screenings Muret France
Verdensteatret cinematek Screenings Tromsø Norway
Vilnius Documentary Film Festival Screenings Vilnius Lithuania
Vintage Book release London UK
Violet Crown Screenings Charlottesville, VA USA
Vivarais Screenings Privas France
Voksenåsen ’Bergman beyond cinema’ Lecture/performance Oslo Norway
Washington Square Park Screening New York, NY USA
Watershed Screenings Bristol UK
Wexner Center for the Arts Retrospective Columbus, OH USA
Winnipeg Film Group / Cinematheque Screenings Winnipeg Canada
Xenter Botkyrka ‘Animation in Bergman’s Cinematograph’ Workshop for children Botkyrka Sweden
Yebisu Garden Cinema Retrospective Tokyo Japan
Yle Minnet av Ingmar Bergman Broadcast Finland
Yugoslav Film Archive Screenings Belgrade Serbia
ZAMEK Culture Centre Symposium Poznan Poland
Zulfu Livaneli Cultural Center Exhibition, workshops, talks Ankara Turkey
Zur Dampflok Winter Light Stage performance Krumpendorf Austria
Zum Prinz Johann Winter Light Stage performance Völkermarkt Austria