Bergman and Ingrid Thulin (Ester) during the filming of The Silence.

The complete Ingmar Bergman catalogue comprises around 60 films and television productions172 theatrical performances and approximately 300 writings.

Witness Bergman's lifework in a diagram format, explore his universe and particular places from his life, meet some of the thousands of people who worked by his side, and read a 3-minute introduction to the world-renowned director. 

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Gunnel Lindblom

Actress and director with a distinct sensual air whose collaboration with Ingmar Bergman spanned

Films on Bergman

Unreleased film material, Bergman monologues performed by actors from the Swedish Royal Theatre and anecdotes from film shoots.


Bergman Unpublished: Style

Ingmar Bergman speaks about his clothing. Interview by journalist Marie Nyreröd.

Bergman Anecdotes: Inga Landgré

Actress Inga Landgré on working with a troublesome Ingmar Bergman on his very first film.​​​​​​​

Bergman Unpublished: Telephones

Ingmar Bergman speaks about talking on the telephone. Interview by journalist Marie Nyreröd for SVT.

Anekdoter: Kristina Adolphson

Actor Kristina Adolphson on Ingmar Bergman as instructor and master of sceneries.​​​​​​​

Bergman: Monologues - Lena Endre

Lena Endre as Johan in Scenes from a Marriage – interview scene.

Bergman Unpublished: Dreams

Ingmar Bergman speaks about dreams. Interview by journalist Marie Nyreröd for SVT.

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