Monologue 15 Feb 2018

Bergman: Monologues - Elin Klinga

Elin Klinga as the doctor in Persona

Elin Klinga recites the doctor’s monologue from Persona. This monologue was filmed beneath The Royal Dramatic Theatre stage in Stockholm, where actors have been rehearsing their lines since the theatre was first built. At the end we are granted a view of the "kissing wall", where actors place their lips before entering the stage.

This film is dedicated to Moa.

Leading actors
from The Royal Dramatic Theatre
in Stockholm perform some of the greatest Bergman monologues in our video series marking the 100-year anniversary of Ingmar Bergman's birth. Throughout 2018, a new film will be published on the 14th of every month.

Produced by Widebeck Media AB for the Ingmar Bergman Foundation and The Royal Dramatic Theatre.