Skrivet 26 Feb 2018

Författaren Ingmar Bergman (Bergman as Author)

"... a book offering a knowledgeable and very entertaining journey through the Ingmar Bergman universe."
(Monika Tunbäck-Hanson, GP)

"... a welcome and truly essential addition to the already rich collection of Bergman literature."
(John Sjögren, SvD)

Författaren Ingmar Bergman ("Ingmar Bergman as Author") is the first book to concentrate on the writings of the highly-esteemed, world-renowned director, work which  always remained in the shadows of his theatre and film productions. For the first time ever, a light is now shown on the journey Bergman's work traversed from the writing stage to final directing from his early years at Filmstaden labouring over manuscripts as a "house slave" to his later large-scale novels  which were overshadowed by the films bearing the same titles. Why such a duality? Did he wish to be an author all along? Why was he so hesitant to publish his writings, when he was so forthcoming and confident with his other work? Författaren Ingmar Bergman is as of yet only available in Swedish. (

Published on 22 January 2018, Författaren Ingmar Bergman was written by Jan Holmberg, CEO of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation. A wide selection of author events will be held throughout the 2018 Year of Bergman.

Author Events, Spring 2018:

30 January
Book discussion, with Jan Holmberg, Caroline Krook and Jannike Åhlund, Gothenburg Film Festival

1 February
Discussion on Ingmar Bergman as author, with Jan Holmberg, Linn Ullmann, Agneta Pleijel and Håkan Bravinger. Reading by Sten Ljunggren, Stockholm Public Library

6 February
“The book was better: The Hour of the Wolf in text and on screen”
Discussion with Jan Holmberg at Stockholm University

8 February
Jan Holmberg and Leif Zern discuss the book, Akademibokhandeln, Uppsala

18 February
Bergman Day at NK
Discussion with Jan Holmberg, Leif Zern, Anna Bergman and Harning, NK Bookstore, Stockholm

21 February
“Bergman and Music”
Lecture with Jan Holmberg, The Hallwyl Museum, Stockholm

26 February
Discussion of Bergman's autobiography "The Magic Lantern", Jan Holmberg, Gothenburg City Library

27 February
Discussion between Jan Holmberg and Linn Ullmann, Litteratur på Blå, Oslo

28 February
Seminar on "Författaren Ingmar Bergman" (Ingmar Bergman as Author), Jan Holmberg and Anna Sofia Rossholm, Linnaeus University, Växjö

7 mars
"This Can't Happen Here". Jan Holmberg introduces the film at Cinemateket, Stockholm

9 mars
Ingmar Bergman symposium, Jan Holmberg et al., Cinemateket, Trondheim

13 mars
Bergman evening and talk with Jan Holmberg, Eirik Stubø et al., Royal Dramatic Theatre Restaurant, Stockholm

14 mars
Jan Holmberg and Leif Zern discuss the book, Akademibokhandeln City, Stockholm

12 April
Book presentation, with Jan Holmberg, Almedalsbiblioteket, Visby

18 April
Jan Holmberg and Leif Zern discuss the book, Hultgrens Bookstore, Västervik