Theatre, 1943

A Beautiful Rose

During the summer of 1943, Bergman was the travelling director, tour and stage manager, fiancé of the choreographer and overall man in charge of 'a play based on a Sven Sköld folk song'.

About the production

Bergman had the specific task of collecting Sven Sköld at his hotel and taking him to the outdoor stage. This was during wartime. The actors and backdrop were transported via train.


  • The Ingmar Bergman Archives.
  • Myggans nöjeslexikon: ett uppslagsverk om underhållning, red. Uno Myggan Ericson, (Höganäs: Bra böcker, 1989-1993).


  • Hilde Marfalt, Stina
  • Sigvard Berg, Per
  • Birgit Schöldberg-Stenberg, Maja
  • Bernhard Sönnerstedt, Erk
  • Else Fisher, Choreography
  • Sven Sköld , Music
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Evert Myhrman, Designer