Writings, 1954

[The Cannibal – The Police Chief]

Practice play for the Malmö City Theatre’s acting school.

About the text

Unlike its more famous counterpart, the practice play Wood Painting, this piece was not destined for any reception of note. The play has never been published, let alone performed publically, and bears more than a few marks from Franz Kafka (whose The Castle had been put on by Bergman the year before):

Mr. Fall:

I request that I be jailed, Sir Police Chief, and subsequently condemned and executed in due course.

Police Chief (bitterly):

You seem to believe that the workings of the law are quite simple, my good Mr. Fall. But I feel that it is my duty to inform you that the machinery of justice is a complicated and fine-tuned system of, er … that is, it is an intricate and … er, that is to say… yes.