Theatre, 1951

The Country Girl

Public sensations Georg Rydeberg and Karin Kavli played the leading roles in the European premiere of Clifford Odets' drama.

About the production

The play deals with an alcoholic actor who is given a second chance. Bergman's direction was considered skilled, clean and controlled, yet not very original.


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  • Karin Kavli, (unkown part)
  • Georg Rydeberg, (unkown part)
  • Åke Engfeldt, (unkown part)
  • Tore Karte, (unkown part)
  • Eric Rosén, (unkown part)
  • Margreth Weivers-Norström, (unkown part)
  • Eric Franzén, (unkown part)
  • Clifford Odets, Author
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director