Television, 1996

Harald & Harald

Short television play dedicated to the chairman of the Swedish Parliamentary Committee on Cultural Affairs.

Film facts

Production details 

Production country: Sweden
Production company: Sveriges Television AB, The Royal Dramatic Theatre
Original: Kulturpolitikens inriktning: Slutbetänkande SOU 1995:84 (Statens offentliga utredningar)

Colour system: Colour
Original length (minutes): 10

TV-screening: 1996-01-14, TV2 Sweden, 10 minutes



  • Ingmar Bergman, Director and screenplay
  • Johan Rabaeus, Writer
  • Björn Granath, Writer
  • Måns Reuterswärd, Producer
  • Jan Wictorinus, Director of Photography
  • Arne Halvarsson, Director of Photography
  • Pär-Olof Rekola, Director of Photography
  • Louise Brattberg, Film Editor
  • Leif Qviström, Make-up
  • Yvonne Persson, Make-up
  • Göran Wassberg, Production Designer
  • Ulf Janzon, Production Mixer
  • Jan-Eric Piper, Production Mixer
  • Sven-Erik Jansson, Re-recording Mixer
  • Benny Haag, the white clown