Television, 1963

Wood Painting

Rarely screened TV-version of Bergman’s one-act-play that served as inspiration for a well-known film. Directed by Lennart Olsson.


  • Marianne Wesén, The girl
  • Olof Bergström, Jöns
  • Oscar Ljung, The knight
  • Ulla Akselson, The witch
  • Åke Lindström, The smith
  • Marianne Hedengrahn, Maria
  • Georg Årlin, The actor
  • Gudrun Brost, Lisa
  • Margareta Bergfelt, Karin
  • Folke Sundquist, The narrator
  • Henrik Dyfverman, Producer
  • Lennart Olsson, Director
  • Lennart Olofsson-Leo, Production Designer
  • Ingmar Bergman, Writer