Writings, 1955

Dear Eva and Harriet

“Ingmar Bergman writes a letter to two starlets,” reads the subtitle.

About the text

Eva Dahlbeck and Harriet Andersson were the winners of FIB’s film prizes for 1955, whereupon Ingmar Bergman was asked to write an open letter to the two actresses.

So it has come to be that I should write about you two in the newspaper, a task that at first seemed appealing. Certainly, it would take no great effort to write a few beautiful words about these two beautiful women, who at this point I should know rather well. Imagine all the magazine journalists, having to write about you after only knowing you for two hours!


Eva is a very talented young actress, and is furthermore beautiful, sensible, temperamental and quite feminine. The same can be said of Harriet, with the only difference that she’s a bit younger. The two women are very fond of one another, and refer to each other as the “Big Actress with the Little Voice,” and the “Little Actress with the Big Voice.” I leave it up to the reader to decide out which is which. Both were born for theatre and are actresses in every sense of the word, which is why they love to convince themselves and others that they don’t enjoy performing theatre.