Writings, 1958


Conversation between Bergman and an imaginary writer, where Bergman speaks about both the filmmaker's responsibility to and ambivalence towards his public.

About the text

This is in part an early draft of the 1959 essay Each Film is My Last.

The irony is familiar, both from earlier and later works:

- Good morning!

- Good morning. Why, what's the matter?

- Have you read my script?

- Oh, yes, I received it just yesterday. I sat myself down immediately and read it cover to cover. Top-notch work, full of truths and artistically impeccable.

- But it’s been rejected!

- Yes, you have my condolences.

- Why, I could just scream. Rejected? With all the insufferable garbage getting put out nowadays?

- I understand you may be upset, but I can't say that I see things the same way.