Television, 1970

Fårö Document

The problems of a sparsely populated area and lambing are the subjects of Bergman's first documentary.

"He, Bergman, has spoken up for the inhabitants of Fårö, and said most of the things that need to be said, in my opinion. Everyone should be allowed to have their say. Like the business with the slaughterhouse."
Verner Larsson, sheep farmer on Fårö

About the film

Fårö Document is Ingmar Bergman's first documentary. Having recently built a house on the island in the Baltic he was taken by the people who lived there and felt the need to document their everyday lives. The film was shown on Swedish television to great acclaim. Ten years later Bergman would make a follow-up: Fårö Document 1979.



  • Erland Wallin
  • Ingrid Ekman
  • Verner Larsson
  • Rossel Randahl
  • Vera Hansson
  • Artur Johansson
  • Emilia Broman
  • Arvid Andersson
  • Carl Ekman
  • Sven Bernander
  • Aina Larsson
  • Herbert Broström
  • Erik Ekström
  • Edvin Eriksson
  • John Ohlsson
  • Bojan Ohlsson
  • Ida Löfqvist
  • Ove Gustafsson
  • Birgitta Gustavsson
  • Gerth Gustavsson
  • Ingmar Bergman
  • Sven Nykvist, Director of Photography
  • Arne Carlsson, Assistant Cameraman
  • Siv Lundgren, Film Editor
  • Per-Olof Pettersson, Production Mixer
  • Lennart Engholm, Production Mixer
  • Lars-Owe Carlberg, Producer
  • Lennart Blomqvist, Other Crew