Writings, 1939

On ”Lucky Per’s Journey.”

Comments on the play.

About the text

Short text on Strindberg’s play, staged by Bergman at Mäster Olofs-gården.

First and foremost: this is a young, brilliant Strindberg who, in a period of happiness and inner harmony, is able to see himself with great humour. It is with a nimble and artistic pen that he depicts himself in the form of the fortune-seeker Per: Per, who only sees the fault in everything, who can never be satisfied, who tires before achieving his goals, who loves his Lisa but above all himself, who bears an inner misanthropy, et cetera. But all these characteristics -- earlier bestowed by Strindberg on his Mäster Olof, whose drama ends in jarring dissonance – are here softened by the veil of humour and self-irony, and all ends in harmony.


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