Theatre, 1955

The Monk Walks in the Meadow

This play revolves around a clergyman and his wife who are visited by a runaway lunatic, and believing him to be a famous musical expert, are tempted to delve into the macabre.
'No one is crazy, for we are all crazy.'
Quote from the play

Reviews and comments

All the reviewers felt in fact that in this production Bergman overdid the expressionistic potential of the drama. 


  • The Ingmar Bergman Archives.


  • Ulf Palme
  • Birgitta Valberg, Elgive
  • Bengt Ekerot, Karl Vitus
  • Margaretha Krook, Zuleima
  • Gösta Prüzelius
  • Carl Gandrup, Author
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director