Writings, 1937

Particular central features in Selma Lagerlöf’s writing

A school essay, later published for unknown reasons with teacher’s corrections.

About the text

An essay written by Bergman from his student days begins by describing a visually subtle effect in Lagerlof’s writing, interesting considering his later work displayed this continued fascination:

In one of her novels, Selma Lagerlöf tells the story of a little icicle which hangs from a roof eave. It is the dead of winter, the turquoise sky above, cascades of sunbeams beating down upon the icy white earth. One sunbeam strikes the little icicle, challenging it, warming it, transforming it into a small wonder of nature. It glistens like a jewel, shooting sunbeams off in all directions, lavish in its brilliance as only nature can be. And when a drop of water, forced free by the sunbeam, falls, it makes a tiny musical plink.