Theatre, 1940

The Pelican

In the spring of 1940, Bergman was approached by members of the Stockholm Student Theatre and in late autumn that year he debuted as its director with a production of Strindberg's The Pelican.

'An ambitious, commendable company.'
Erik William Olsson, Svenska Dagbladet

About the production

Clearly Strindberg was still a controversial figure in Swedish theatre life. One reviewer expressed some reservations about Strindberg's play as, 'the most horrible, grotesque, and frankly speaking, abominable play that Strindberg in his desperate moments has written'.

However, he also termed Bergman's production full of 'ambitious sincerity' and hoped that the young ensemble would focus on something more optimistic in the future.



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  • Karin Lannby, The mother
  • Carl Ivar Sandström, The son
  • Barbro Hiort af Ornäs, The daughter
  • Ted Winther, The son-in-law
  • Margareta Sjögren, Margret
  • August Strindberg, Author
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director