Theatre, 1951

The People of Värmland

The first of two productions Bergman directed of F A Dahlgren's popular play, this time in which the radio adaption was produced along with famous Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg.

'Quick, instigating and skillful.'
Sven Stolpe, Aftonbladet

About the production

The piece, a musical drama from the 1800s which was traditionally aired around Christmastime in Sweden, received mixed reviews regarding Bergman's direction. The play takes place in Värmland, a province in central Sweden, and Bergman used a dialect coach to train the actors in the correct accents. Some critics found it artificial; others praised the local dialect.

An anonymous listener described Bergman as an 'image magician and experimentalist', and Sven Stolpe in Aftonbladet found it 'quick, instigating and skillful', with cinematic scenes.


  • The Ingmar Bergman Archives.


  • Torsten Hillberg, Sven Ersson
  • Sif Ruud, Lisa
  • Sven Lindberg, Erik
  • Ulf Johansson, Per
  • Meta Velander, Stina
  • Carl Ström, Jan Hansson
  • Märta Arbin, Annika
  • Eva Dahlbeck, Anna
  • Björn Berglund, Anders
  • Gösta Gustafsson, Ola
  • Yvonne Lombard, Britta
  • Lars Egge
  • Erik Rosén
  • Anders Andelius, Bengt
  • Gunnar Olsson, Nils Jonsson
  • Einar Fröding , Dialect coach
  • Sven Sköld , Conductor
  • Fredrik August Dahlgren, Author
  • Andreas Randel , Music
  • Vilhelm Moberg, Radio adaptation
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director