Writings, 1975

The Petrified Prince

Bergman himself considered the unproduced script terminated in 1977 when he drew a cross on the script and added:"Buried on August 16, 1977. Never lived."

About the text

This is likely the manuscript Bergman in his notes from the period often refers to as "the porn movie". You be the judge:

Before the performance begins the Director steps in front of the curtain, calls for silence, clears his throat, speaks:


I beg your pardon, Ladies and Gentlemen, I really do apologize: the performance will soon begin, I won’t be long-winded, but feel compelled to make some sort of explanation, I know it’s not a very good way of beginning a film but I can’t think of anything better.

A crash interrupts the director. A picture has exploded on the curtain. It is very obscene: a man and a woman In the middle of a violent fucking. The walls shake, the draperies flutter, the chandelier vibrates, the bed undulates. It is a Homeric fuck.