Television, 1983

School for Wives

TV theatre based on Molière's classical play

"During his final years, Alf Sjöberg made several masterpieces [...]. The last one was School for Wives; playful, composed, dark, unsentimental."
Ingmar Bergman in The Magic Lantern

About the film

Alf Sjöberg died in a traffic accident in 1980. At the time he was rehearsing Molière's School for Wives at Dramaten with, among others, Allan Edwall. Edwall and the rest of the cast chose to go on with the production in the spirit of Sjöberg. As a tribute to Sjöberg and Edwall, Bergman made this tv version of the production.

In an tv-interview prior to the broadcast of the film, Bergman talked about a pet idea of his: good theatre should be made available to everyone and not only to the people living in the bigger cities: 'Dramaten and the Royal Opera are two state institutions equally owned by Selma in Teckomatorp and Agnes in Korpilombolo but Agnes and Selma never get to see what we are doing.'


  • The Ingmar Bergman Archives.



  • Allan Edwall
  • Lena Nyman
  • Stellan Skarsgård
  • Lasse Pöysti
  • Björn Gustafson
  • Ulla Sjöblom
  • Olle Hilding
  • Oscar Ljung
  • Nils Eklund
  • Sten Modigh, Gaffer
  • Olle Jungesäter, Gaffer
  • Stig Alfonson, Gaffer
  • Leif Söderlund, Gaffer
  • Jan Wictorinus, Director of Photography
  • Lennart Söderberg, Director of Photography
  • Per-Olof Runa, Director of Photography
  • Martin Lundbom, Assistant Cameraman
  • Ann-Charlotte Lannebjer, Assistant Cameraman
  • Ann-Mari Anttila, Costume Designer
  • Göran Wassberg, Costume Designer
  • Tommy Lannge, Costume Designer
  • Ragnar Backman, Sound Assistant
  • Hans-Roland Engström, Sound Assistant
  • Lennart Frisk, Sound Assistant
  • Alvar Piehl, Production Mixer
  • Yvonne Persson, Make-up / Hair
  • Anna-Lena Melin, Make-up / Hair
  • Birgitta Lundh, Make-up / Hair
  • Rolf Linder, Make-up / Hair
  • Micha Weidner, Make-up / Hair
  • Gerd Edwards, Producer
  • Ann-Christine Wickberg, Production Secretary
  • Jan Askelöf, Editor
  • Alf Sjöberg, Director
  • Lotta Gummesson, Assistant Director
  • Vivian Abrahamsson, Property Master
  • Carina Sjöö, Property Master
  • John Virke, Production Designer
  • Gunnel Blomqvist, Script Supervisor
  • Lars Forssell , Translator
  • Hans Rydström, Other Crew
  • Sven Brandt, Other Crew
  • Ulf Jädergård, Other Crew
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director