Theatre, 1948

Thieves' Carnival

Bergman was criticised for cutting Jean Anouilh's ending, but the performance as a whole was much appreciated.

'A most amiable and becoming performance, as if on butterfly wings, aswept in blue, romantic veils.'
Olof Lagercrantz, Svenska Dagbladet

About the production

In the late 1940s Jean Anouilh was one of the most staged and popular dramatists in Scandinavia, which most certainly was one of the reasons why Bergman's altering of the ending received such tough criticism. Ebbe Linde wrote in BLM,
 'The only true objection to this piece is the mutilating of the ending. It is impossible to improve Anouilh's work with such arbitrariness, even if your name is Ingmar Bergman.'  

The following year Bergman staged yet another Anouilh play, The Restless Heart, with Gertrud Fridh in the leading role. 


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  • Harry Ahlin, Peterbono
  • Arne Nyberg, Gustave
  • Tore Lindwall, Hector
  • Yngve Nordwall, Lord Edgar
  • Hjördis Petterson, Lady Hurf
  • Nine-Christine Jönsson, Juliette
  • Gertrud Fridh, Eve
  • Semmy Friedmann, Dupont-Dufort the elder
  • Folke Sundquist, Dupont-Dufort the younger
  • Gordon Löwenadler
  • Aja Gneiser, Wet nurse
  • Ove Tjernberg, Policeman
  • Jan von Zweibergk, Policeman
  • Lars Barringer, Policeman
  • Gunilla Tamm, The girl
  • Lorang Landberg, The musician
  • Jean Anouilh, Author
  • Ellen Bergman, Choreography
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Carl-Johan Ström, Designer