Writings, 2004

Three Diaries

A compilation of the diaries of Ingmar Bergman, his wife Ingrid and their daughter Maria von Rosen, beginning with Ingrid’s cancer diagnosis in 1994 and ending with her death the following year.

About the text

The book begins with a foreword by both Maria von Rosen and Ingmar Bergman, from which the following is taken:

A few words on the editing of the diaries. They were written in the moment, and were never intended to be read by anyone author than their authors.

Hardly anything has been changed or corrected. Almost everything has been presented exactly as it was written. Nor have we abridged the sections that contain a plodding monotony. They stand in contrast to the upsetting drama that has affected us.

Some may wonder why we have chosen to make such rough and unpolished documents public. The answer is that it has been a part of the grieving process.

We have not attempted to hide or excuse our own shortcomings or our helplessness. This is no literary work, but a document. Not a book, but a testimony.