Theatre, 1970

A Dream Play

Dissatisfied with his TV version from 1963, Bergman produced his second of four performances of A Dream Play, heavily downplayed and with two different actresses in the role of Indra's daughter.

'It is as if I had never seen Strindberg's The Dream Play until now. In exactly one hour and 45 minutes without intermission, one sits captivated, fascinated, caught within a great poet's and a great director's dream.'
Håkan Tollet, Hufvudstadsbladet

About the production

Bergman was interviewed on the radio about the production, where he talked about his difficulty with Strindberg's conception of Indra's daughter as a female Christ figure. It led him to make some radical dramaturgical changes, having the character of Indra's daughter performed by two different actresses, one enacting the divine woman and the other representing Agnes, the earth woman.

Strindberg prepared for the opening of his A Dream Play in 1907 by buying a slide projector with which he planned to project visual images to create a dream-like mood. But he could not overcome the technical drawbacks of this primitive machine. In his 1970 version, Bergman utilized Strindberg's idea by painting a rectangular screen in the back of the stage, on which images could be projected.


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  • Georg Årlin, Poet
  • Oscar Ljung, Glassblower
  • Malin Ek, Agnes
  • Holger Löwenadler, The officer
  • Aino Taube, The mother
  • Henrik Schildt, The father
  • Ellika Mann, Lina
  • Birgitta Valberg, Porter
  • John Harryson, Posterer
  • Irene Lindh, The singer
  • Kari Sylwan, Ballet girl Edith
  • Dora Söderberg, Choir
  • Olof Willgren, The prompter
  • Hans Sundberg, Policeman
  • Allan Edwall, Lawyer
  • Max von Sydow, Lawyer
  • Einar Axelsson , Don Juan
  • Jan Dolata, Han
  • Ragnar Arvedson
  • Gösta Prüzelius
  • Axel Düberg
  • Hans Strååt
  • Kristina Adolphson, Indra's daughter
  • Olle Hilding
  • Renée Björling
  • Anna Andersson, (unknown part)
  • Marie Andersson, (unknown part)
  • Inger Eiservall, (unknown part)
  • Bruno Winzell, (unknown part)
  • Göran af Wåhlberg, (unknown part)
  • Sanna Törnqvist, (unknown part)
  • Harry Gloorup, Lighting
  • Beata Bergström, Stills photographer
  • August Strindberg, Author
  • Arne Hertler, Stage manager
  • Horst Stadlinger, Make-up and wigs
  • Ingegerd Sundestedt, Make-up and wigs
  • Arne Lundh, Make-up and wigs
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Göran Sarring, Assistant director
  • Bernt Sisth, Master carpenter
  • Knud Larsen, Master carpenter
  • Lennart Mörk, Designer