Theatre, 1979

Hedda Gabler

The Munich production of Hedda Gabler was a 'remake' of Bergman's much admired 1964 Royal Dramatic Theatre staging of Ibsen's play, including Hedda's famous opening pantomime before the mirror when she examines her body for signs of pregnancy.
'Complete respect to the absolute loyalty paid to the poet, when in general directors seem to know more than the author.'
George Salmony, Abendzeitung

Reviews and comments

This became Bergman's best reception thus far in Munich, though several reviewers noticed a discrepancy between Bergman the filmmaker who projected his personal self on the screen and Bergman the theatre director who apparently sought a different, less subjective form of expression. 


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  • Christine Buchegger, Hedda Gabler
  • Karl-Heinz Pelser, Jörgen Tesman
  • Martin Benrath, Eilert Lövborg
  • Gaby Dohm, Thea Elvsted
  • Kurt Meisel, Assessor Brack
  • Annemarie Wernicke, (unknown part)
  • Paula Braend, (unknown part)
  • Henrik Ibsen, Author
  • Reinhard Hempelt , Stage manager
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Johannes Kaetzler, Assistant director
  • Mago, Designer
  • Heidi Scherer, Prompter
  • Heiner Gimmler, Translation