Theatre, 1945

The Legend

Ingmar Bergman staged Hjalmar Bergman's The Legend three times: Helsingborg in 1945, Malmö in 1958 and at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm in 1963.

'Ingmar Bergman created an inspired scene. He unequivocally respected the author's intentions, not just as a matter of reverence, but he followed Hjalmar Bergman's directions, theatrically speaking.'
Tom, Skånska Social-Demokraten

About the production

The opening night did not begin well. Thanks to competition from a Karl Gerhard cabaret and a concert with Rosita Serrano, the theatre was far from full. Writing in Skånska Social-Demokraten, Tom (Åke Thomson) described how the audience in the first act, 'turned in their seats, coughed and cleared their throats. The doors creaked as people arrived late due to the rain'. 

Other critics found the performance both brilliant and exciting, and were especially impressed by the work of the scenographer, Gunnar Lindblad.


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  • Carin Cederström, (Unknown part)
  • Sture Ericson, (Unknown part)
  • Ulf Johanson, (Unknown part)
  • Ruth Kasdan, (Unknown part)
  • Otto Landahl, (Unknown part)
  • Dagny Lind, (Unknown part)
  • Ingrid Luterkort, (Unknown part)
  • Gunnar Nielsen, (Unknown part)
  • Bertil Sjödin, (Unknown part)
  • Siv Thulin , (Unknown part)
  • Hjalmar Bergman, Author
  • Ellen Bergman, Choreography
  • Karl-Henrik Edström, Music
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Gunnar Lindblad, Designer