Theatre, 1995

The Misanthrope

Bergman's third staging of The Misanthrope tantalized the public.
'There is a macabre comedian critiquing our times in Thorsten Flinck's outstandingly raging mistanthropy, one who is difficult to ignore.'
Lisbeth Larsson, Expressen

About the production

Bergman's third The Misanthrope was performed on a virtually empty stage: the only props were a bed, a couple of chairs and some mirrors, ie a set that formed a stark contrast to the luxurious costumes and extravagant wigs worn by all the performers except Alceste, dressed in simple dark clothes and no wig.

For this production the professionalism was almost taken for granted as critics spoke of a production full of vitality, wit, and beauty.

In a programme note Bergman wrote that this production of The Misanthrope owed a great deal to Ariane Mnouchkin, whose 1978 film version of Molière's play had greatly impressed him. Mnouchkin's Shakespeare production in Paris had coincided with The Royal Dramatic Theatre's and Bergman's King Lear performances.


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  • Thorsten Flinck, Alceste
  • Lena Endre, Célimène
  • Thomas Hanzon, Philinte
  • Jarl Kulle, Oronte
  • Nadja Weiss, Eliante
  • Agneta Ekmanner, Arsinoé
  • Mats Bergman, Acaste
  • Claes Månsson, Clitandre
  • Benny Haag, Basque
  • Sven Lindberg, Dubois
  • Fredrik Hammar, Officer
  • Ingar Sigvardsdotter, (unknown part)
  • Ulla Åberg, Dramaturgy
  • Bengt Wanselius, Stills photographer
  • Molière, Author
  • Thomas Wennerberg, Stage manager
  • Donya Feuer, Choreography
  • Charles Koroly, Costume design
  • Jan-Erik Piper, Sound
  • Hans Åkesson, Lightning technician
  • Leif Qviström, Make-up and wigs
  • Eva Maria Holm-Katzeff, Make-up and wigs
  • Mimmi Lindell, Make-up and wigs
  • Sofi Lerström, Producer
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Antonia Pyk, Assistant director
  • Stefan Lundgren, Props
  • Cilla Norborg, Assistant designer
  • Kaj Forsgårdh, Carpenter
  • Hanna Pauli, Prompter
  • Hans Alfredson, Translation