Theatre, 1949

The Restless Heart

The production of The Restless Heart became a victory for Bergman as an instructor of actors and marked Gertrud Fridh's breakthrough as a character actress.

'Above all one shall remember Gertrud Fridh as a wild bird with air beneath her wings.'
Elis Andersson, Göteborgs Posten

About the production

In early fall of 1948, there were rumours that Bergman would terminate his contract at Gothenburgh City Theatre, but on 18 October 1948 the theatre's secretary denied this and announced that Bergman would stage Anouilh's play.


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  • Gertrud Fridh, Thérèse
  • Claes Thelander, Florent
  • Ulf Johanson, Hartman
  • Tore Lindwall, Gosta
  • Semmy Friedmann, M. Tarde
  • Hjördis Petterson, Mme. Tarde
  • Nine-Christine Jönsson, Jeannette
  • Ulla Malmström, Marie
  • Elsa Baude, Mme. Bazin
  • Ebba Ringdahl
  • Lisa Lundholm, Maid
  • Brita Hedenberg, Cook
  • Richard Mattsson, M. Lebonze
  • Jean Anouilh, Author
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Carl-Johan Ström, Designer