Feature Film, 1981

Sally and Freedom

Sally and Freedom was the second film by Gunnel Lindblom to be produced by Bergman.

About the film

Interestingly enough, the two leading roles in the film went to Ewa Fröling and Gunn Wållgren, both of whom would shortly appear in Bergman's Fanny and Alexander. Bergman had worked with Wållgren previously, yet it seems likely that he "discovered" Fröling through her involvement in Sally and Freedom.


  • The Ingmar Bergman Archives.



  • Ewa Fröling
  • Hans Wigren
  • Leif Ahrle
  • Gunn Wållgren
  • Oscar Ljung
  • Svea Holst
  • Gunnel Lindblom
  • Kim Anderzon
  • Susanne Lundquist
  • Lise-Lotte Nilsson
  • Mona Lundgren
  • Iwa Boman
  • Margreth Weivers
  • Ulf Schönborg
  • Gerd Blomqvist
  • Christian Berling
  • Peter Egge
  • Peder Falk
  • Sonja Hejdeman
  • Thomas Helander
  • Gülbin Basay
  • Semith Basay
  • Linda Krüger
  • Johanna Garpe
  • Stefan Nilsson
  • Anna von Rosen
  • Marie Louise Rosenqvist
  • Marie Rechlin, Propman
  • Lars Karlsson, First Assistant Cameraman
  • Ted Lindahl, Gaffer
  • Tony Forsberg, Director of Photography
  • Eva Ivarsson, Unit Manager
  • Sylvia Ingemarsson, Film Editor
  • Carina Dalunde, Assistant Costume Designer
  • Inger Pehrsson, Costume Designer
  • Owe Svensson, Production Mixer
  • Bo Persson, Production Mixer
  • Margareta Garpe, Screenplay
  • Daniel Bergman, Key Grip
  • Katinka Faragó, Production Manager / Production Coordinator
  • Pia Forsgren, Assistant Director
  • Jan Andersson, Property Master
  • Anne von Sydow, Script Supervisor
  • Eva Ekman, Make-up Supervisor
  • Ingmar Bergman, Producer