Theatre, 1999

Storm Weather

Bergman returns to a Strindberg production for radio for the first time since 1961.

Reviews and comments

All reviews pointed out Bergman's unique gift for the medium, and his presentation of Storm Weather was seen as an hommage to the genre and an appeal to preserve radio theatre as a special performance arena. In their rave responses to Bergman's production, reviewers singled out its musicality and rhythmic balance, and the director's masterly hand, 'invisible but absolutely present'. 


  • Birgitta Steene, Ingmar Bergman: A Reference Guide, (Amsterdam University Press, 2005).


  • Erland Josephson, Man
  • Ingvar Kjellson, Brother
  • Hans Alfredson, Confectioner
  • Ewa Fröling, Gerda
  • Maria Bonnevie, Louise
  • Nadja Weiss, Agnes
  • Benny Haag, Mr Fischer
  • Magnus Ehrner, Postman
  • Tord Peterson, Lamplighter
  • Max Winerdal
  • Göran Wistedt
  • Gertrud Mariano, Confectioner's wife
  • August Strindberg, Author
  • Kia Rudholm, Stage manager
  • Ludvig van Beethoven, Music
  • Frédéric Chopin, Music
  • Käbi Laretei, Musician (piano)
  • Rune Andréasson, Musical technician
  • Jan Cruseman, Producer
  • Ingmar Bergman, Radio adaptation
  • Frida Englund, Technician