Theatre, 1963

The Legend

In his third staging of The Legend, Bergman placed less emphasis on theatrical effects and colourful costumes and focussed primarily on the moral theme of the play and on the cynical old member of the Ehrenstål family.

About the production

In the programme note to the Royal Dramatic Theatre production, Hjalmar Bergman's widow, Stina, told a story that might be the genesis of The Legend: At Hjalmar and Stina Bergman's summer residence on Dalarö, there was a well from which a clear spray of water emerged. The innocent young title figure in The Legend shares the purity of the water in the well.

'For many this production will be a surprise, as they get to see what a broad register Ingmar Bergman has as a director,' one reviewer wrote, adding that Bergman was one of the few poetic minds on the Swedish stage. Not everyone agreed.


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  • Uno Henning
  • Per Myrberg, Sune Stark
  • Kristina Adolphson, Rose
  • Helena Brodin, Astrid
  • Erland Josephson, Gerhard
  • Aino Taube, Colonel's wife
  • Björn Gustafson
  • Renée Björling, Flora
  • Ragnar Falck, Notary
  • Bibi Andersson, The legend
  • Beata Bergström, Stills photographer
  • Hjalmar Bergman, Author
  • Arne Hertler, Stage manager
  • Ingvar Wieslander, Music
  • Arne Lundh, Make-up and wigs
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Sven Erik Skawonius, Designer
  • Lars Seligman , Prompter
  • Elisabeth Leijonmarck, Prompter