Theatre, 1944

The Tinder Box

Bergman's fourth staging of The Tinder Box, this time in Helsingborg, is similar to his three previous performances in Stockholm.
'Through his directing, Ingmar Bergman has transmitted a feeling that successfully shifts between the just scary enough ... and the happy, the heartwarming.'
Pilo, SkSD

About the production

When he signed his contract with the Helsingborg City Theatre, Bergman listed three ambitions: A new subscription policy, a rationalisation of the repertory and a theatre for children and young adults. At Christmas time 1944, he staged a dramatisation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Tinder Box. Reviews called the production clear and easy to understand, 'suitable for both small and big children'. The performance was indeed aimed at children and even included a little song by Karl-Henrik Edström and a dance choreographed by Ellen Lundström.


  • Karl-Axel Forssberg, The king
  • Ingrid Luterkort, The queen
  • Åke Fridell, Innkeeper
  • Ulf Johanson, Witch
  • Greta Wranér, Dramaturgy
  • H C Andersen, Author
  • Ellen Bergman, Choreography
  • Karl-Henrik Edström, Musical arrangement
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Gunnar Lindblad, Designer