Theatre, 1947

Unto My Fear

Unto My Fear was the second play Ingmar Bergman directed in Gothenburg, which he had also written.

'This reviewer is in deep disagreement with Ingmar Bergman in almost all matters concerned.'
Ebbe Linde in BLM

About the production

The play contains autobiographical features, as well as themes taken from his other works. 

Bergman published a short essay entitled In grandmother's house in the programme note. Here he paints a picture of his grandmother's apartment in the university town of Uppsala, reminiscent of the setting for his film Fanny and Alexander made 35 years later.


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  • Ulf Johanson, Paul
  • Gertrud Fridh, Kersti
  • Maria Schildknecht, Grandmother
  • Hjördis Pettersson, Mean
  • Kolbjörn Knudsen, Isak the jew
  • Ludvig Gentzel, Erneman
  • Ingrid Borthen, Irene
  • Håkan Jahnberg, Carl
  • Lisa Lundholm, Ebba
  • Folke Sundquist, Tobias
  • Bengt Schött, Anders
  • Ingmar Bergman, Author
  • Birgit Afzelius-Wärnlöf, Designer