Theatre, 1957

The Misanthrope

Time restraints bogged down the preparations for Bergman's first staging of The Misanthrope, with Max von Sydow as Alceste and Gertrud Fridh as Célimène.
'An absolute high point in Swedish theatre in the last 50 years.'
Henrik Sjögren

About the production

Bergman placed only four black chairs and canapés on a chequered marble floor - like a chessboard - against an autumnal tapestry-like backdrop. The only scene changes consisted of two servants moving the chairs around. Max von Sydow's mask, with its thin black moustache, reminded some commentators of Molière. The mask was similar to Vogler's in The Magician.


  • The Ingmar Bergman Archives.
  • Henrik Sjögren, Lek och raseri, Ingmar Bergmans teater 1938-2002, ( Stockholm: Carlsson Bokfölag, 2002).


  • Max von Sydow, Alceste
  • Gertrud Fridh, Célimène
  • Frank Sundström, Philinte
  • Bibi Andersson, Éliante
  • Marianne Aminoff, Arsinoe
  • Åke Fridell, Oronte
  • Oscar Ljung, Clitandre
  • Tor Isedal, Acaste
  • Axel Düberg, Dubois
  • Lenn Hjortzberg, Basque
  • Leif Forstenberg, The officer
  • Molière, Author
  • Ingmar Bergman, Director
  • Kerstin Hedeby, Designer