Feature Film, 1992

Sunday's Children

Second part of the trilogy about Bergman's parents beginning with The Best Intentions and continued in Private Confessions. Directed by Daniel Bergman, screenplay by Ingmar Bergman.

"The story is a childhood memory."
Ingmar Bergman in Aftonbladet

About the film

Bergman's screenplay centres on a chapter in The Magic Lantern. He summed up the film in Aftonbladet as follows:

The story is a childhood memory. I had– I believe – just had my eighth birthday and it's a Sunday at the end of July 1926. The family live in an indescribable Chehkov-esque summer house in Dalarna. There are lots of us: Mother, father, Aunt Emma, three children, 'Aunt' Märta, Maj the nanny (whom I love), the cook Lalla and a young female friend of the family called Marianne (whom I also love). Yet I love my beautiful mother most of all. On the Saturday afternoon my father arrives on the Stockholm train..

The director was Ingmar Bergman's son, Daniel, from his marriage to Käbi Laretei. Sunday's Children was his feature film debut.


  • The Ingmar Bergman Archives.
  • Ingmar Bergman, The Magic Lantern.



  • Daniel Bergman, Director
  • Ingmar Bergman, Screenplay
  • Katinka Faragó, Producer
  • Klas Olofsson, Executive Producer
  • Tony Forsberg, Director of Photography
  • Darek Hodor, Film Editor
  • Carolina Häggström, Script Supervisor
  • Mona Theresia Forsén, Costume Designer
  • Clary Westerström, Make-up
  • Ulrika Eklund, Make-up
  • Per Åleskog, Make-up
  • Horst Stadlinger, Make-up
  • Cecilia Drott, Hair Stylist
  • Sven Wichmann, Production Designer
  • Palle Sonesson, Property Master
  • T. Bekmark-Pedersen, Property Master
  • Anders Rinman, Property Master
  • Rune Gustafsson, Music Composer
  • Bo Persson, Supervising Sound Editor
  • Klas Engström, Supervising Sound Editor
  • Klas Dykhoff, Supervising Sound Editor
  • Patrik Strömdahl, Supervising Sound Editor
  • Thomas Huhn, Supervising Sound Editor
  • Patrik Grede, Supervising Sound Editor
  • Göran Lindberg, Unit Manager
  • Malte Forssell, Unit Manager
  • Leif Stoltze, Construction Coordinator
  • Cecilia Hersby, Propman
  • Lars Karlsson, First Assistant Cameraman
  • Carl Sundberg, Second Assistant Cameraman
  • Dan Myhrman, Assistant Cameraman
  • Håkan Holmberg, Assistant Cameraman
  • Sophie Lundberg, Assistant Film Editor
  • Steve St. Peter, Assistant Director
  • Cecilia Norborg, Assistant Costume Designer
  • Charlotte Melander, Assistant Costume Designer
  • Mia Avellone, Production Assistant
  • Nils Melander, Color Timer
  • Sven Fahlén, Re-recording Mixer
  • Arne Carlsson, Key Grip
  • Börje Larsson, Gaffer
  • Björn Becker, Gaffer
  • Bengt Lundgren, Gaffer
  • Sten Nielsen, Carpenter
  • Hardy Larsen, Carpenter
  • Jesper Thomsen, Carpenter
  • Frank Stoltze, Carpenter
  • Erik Klein, Carpenter
  • Bent Nielsen, Carpenter
  • Michael Dulin Larsen, Carpenter
  • Per Kjær Jörgensen, Carpenter
  • Morten Friis Pedersen, Carpenter
  • Thommy Roland Hansen, Carpenter
  • Kristofer Sjöström, Painter / Scenic Artist
  • Teddy Holm, Painter / Scenic Artist
  • Helen Johansson, Painter / Scenic Artist
  • Robert Johansson, Driver
  • Agneta Karlström, Press Agent
  • Thommy Berggren, Erik Bergman
  • Henrik Linnros, Pu Bergman
  • Lena Endre, Karin Bergman
  • Jacob Leygraf, Dag
  • Anna Linnros, Lillan
  • Malin Ek, Märta
  • Marie Richardson, Marianne
  • Irma Christenson, Aunt Emma
  • Birgitta Valberg, Grandmother
  • Börje Ahlstedt, Uncle Carl
  • Maria Bolme, Maj
  • Majlis Granlund, Lalla
  • Birgitta Ulfsson, Lalla
  • Carl Magnus Dellow, Watchmaker
  • Melinda Kinnaman
  • Per Myrberg, Ingmar
  • Helena Brodin, Nurse Edit
  • Halvar Björk, Ericsson
  • Gunnel Gustafsson, Mrs.Berglund
  • Kurt Säfström, The Caretaker
  • Lis Nilheim, The Vicar's wife
  • Hans Strömblad, Konrad
  • Bertil Norström, The Vicar
  • Suzanne Ernrup, Helga Smed
  • Lars Rockström, Smed, the smith
  • Josefin Andersson, Young woman
  • Carl-Lennart Fröbergh, uncredited
  • Maggie Widstrand, Other Crew