Feature Film, 2000


Infidelity drama inspired by Bergman's own life during the autumn of 1949. Directed by Liv Ullmann, screenplay by Ingmar Bergman.

About the film

Faithless was first screened in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000. Though it had a rather cool reception, Lena Endre was praised for her portrayal of Marianne Vogler. Still, the prize for best actress went to Björk in Dancer in the Dark, Lars von Trier's film who also had the Palme d'Or.

Swedish critics were kinder when the film premiered in Sweden in September of the same year. The critics applauded Liv Ullmann's good care of her actors, not the least Lena Endre, who once again received praise.



  • The Ingmar Bergman Archives.


  • Lena Endre
  • Erland Josephson
  • Krister Henriksson
  • Thomas Hanzon
  • Michelle Gylemo
  • Juni Dahr
  • Philip Zandén
  • Thérèse Brunnander
  • Marie Richardson
  • Stina Ekblad
  • Johan Rabaeus
  • Jan-Olof Strandberg
  • Björn Granath
  • Gertrud Stenung
  • Rasmus Rasmusson, Propman
  • Calle Persson, First Assistant Cameraman
  • Love Malmsten, Construction Coordinator
  • Lars Gustafsson, Second Assistant Cameraman
  • Per Eriksson, Driver
  • Lars Stålberg, Gaffer
  • Bengt-Inge Hertzman, Gaffer
  • Tommy Andersson, Gaffer
  • Mats Arehn, Film Commissioner
  • Arne Carlsson, Second Unit Cameraman
  • Jörgen Persson, Director of Photography
  • Roland Lindmark, Unit Manager
  • Ise Wentzel, Assistant Film Editor
  • Sylvia Ingemarsson, Film Editor
  • Inger Eiserwall, Assistant Costume Designer
  • Inger Pehrsson, Costume Designer
  • Gunnar Landström, Production Mixer
  • Bengt Wallman, Production Mixer
  • Sten Lindberg, Color Timer
  • Cecilia Drott, Make-up / Hair
  • Elisabeth Ekman, Make-up / Hair
  • Gábor Pasztor, Re-recording Mixer
  • Teddy Holm, Painter / Scenic Artist
  • Adrian Wester, Key Grip
  • Elisabeth Liljeqvist, Production Manager / Production Coordinator
  • Karin Brodahl-Persson, Production Secretary
  • Kaj Larsen, Project Leader
  • Liv Ullmann, Director
  • Gunnlaugur Jónasson, Assistant Director
  • Jan-Erik Savela, Property Master
  • Maria Kiisk, Casting
  • Göran Wassberg, Production Designer
  • Åsa Persson, Assistant Production Designer
  • Lotta Gummesson, Script Supervisor
  • Jan Eriksson, Carpenter
  • Lars-Göran Kask, Carpenter
  • Anders Olin, Carpenter
  • Jerker Malmsten, Carpenter
  • Joakim Strömholm, Still Photographer
  • Nadja Glans, Sound Editor
  • Maria Curman, Executive Producer
  • Karin Sheppard, Other Crew
  • Hjalmar Palmgren, Other Crew
  • Berit Calderon, Other Crew
  • Einar Björge, Other Crew
  • Anneli Oscarsson, Other Crew
  • Jan B. Larsson, Other Crew
  • Ingmar Bergman, Screenplay